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1 you listen for references to the show in every song
2 you freak out when you see police headquarters
3 the majority of the emails in your inbox are about the mentalist
4 you pretend your ipod case is a CBI badge
5 you check the fansite multiple times a day to check for updates
6 you have a mentalist playlist on your ipod
7 it comforts you to read comments from overly-obsessed fans because you know you're not the only one
8 you have some scenes memorized
9 you can spend a whole day doing nothing but reading fanfiction
10 you can't sleep because you can't stop making up episodes/cases in your head
11 when you wake up, the first thing that pops into your head is the mentalist
12 you would pay money for the season to start sooner
13 you always wait the right moment to say some quote of the mentalist when you´re talking with someone
14 you can type "the mentalist" really fast because of all the times you have googled it
15 you are in class and start drawing red john's smiley face on your notebook with, of course, your red pen
16 you think you want to join the CBI
17 when some one is named patrick - you suddenly daydream about the show
18 you start wearing vests or you tell your husband to do so
19 you try to get a grip of people's pulses just because Patrick Jane does it
20 you sell your car and try to buy an old Citroen
21 you take a course in hypnotism
22 you observe everything around you and try to place it with the Mentalist
23 you draw a Red John symbol in your room
24 you bust out Mentalist quotes when the time calls for it or randomly
25 you look at your couch and say you need a brown one so you can sleep on it more often
26 you find yourself flicking other people on the nose to punish them
27 you start to refer to people as irksome instead of plain annoying
28 you quote The Mentalist in random conversations, even if it has nothing to do with the line of conversation
29 you dress like Grace [girl only, obviously]
30 you have your hair cut like Lisbon's [again, not for guys]
31 you write fan fiction every day for the Mentalist
32 you try to convert all of your friends
33 every time something goes wrong you act like its a crime scene
34 you ask yourself constantly "What Would Jane Do?"
35 you don`t respond to your name but to one of the characters names
36 your more observant of the people around you
37 you sword fight with little kids
38 your able to charm the people around you
39 when refering to women you call them accordians as to men who are toasters
40 when some says "How dare you" you say respond by saying "Did I do something daring?"
41 when you find your family talking about Cho
42 when it never gets boring to watch scenes over and over again on youtube
43 when you read the newspaper to find police cases that have been solved, and, in your mind, complicate them and make them into a CBI case
44 you start breaking rules to get an answer
45 you make bets you can seduce anyone in the whole room
46 you add to this list!!!! hahahaha
47 you repeat your favorite scenes in your mind when you´re bored in school/college/work (and the people asks you why you´re smiling without reason hehehe)
48 you watch "Devil Wears Padra" over and over just to see Simon Baker shirtless (and think that is Patrick Jane shirtless ;D)
49 you spend hours thinking who can be Red John and what means "He is Ma..."
50 you almost cry when Jane cries and remember his familiy
51 you read books that help you relate to the show itself......example: Takeover-Main characters Thersea and Frank Patrick
52 you say something, and realize later that it's something Jane, Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or VanPelt would say
53 Make up excuses or not go somewhere so you can be home to see a new episode right when it comes on!
54 you're actually reading this list!
55 you want to name your children patick, teresa,kimball,wayne,grace(or the actors names)
56 you doodle the red john (or any other characters) on your school books/office paperwork/anything!
57 you freak out when you see crows hovering overhead
58 you get overly excited when in science class you throw a manilla folder onto the table and sit down, because you feel like Cho starting an interrogation.
59 when you are speaking in French to someone, and you start taking about the mentalist (in french)
60 you get goosebumps when you simon/patirck and rigsby/Owain(for girls!)
61 you get goosebumps (or sigh) for Lisbon/tunney and Vanelt/Amanda(boys!)
62 when you see a smiley face and you atomaticly think red john(even tho the mentalist is already in your head
63 all you go on the computer for is this website(and simon baker land)!(and perhaps check your mail to check if your fanfiction has bent fowarded to warner!)
64 You used to use smileys in your text, but now seeing one makes you cry
65 You wish it came as a book so you could read it in school
66 Constatnly create characters you could play
67 You do a magic trick and when asked about it you mention the magic circle assasians
68 You start calling everyone by their last name
69 You buy yourself a blue teacup to drink your tea from, just like Patrick!
70 You practice being deadpan like Kimball Cho, even when someone tells you a joke!
71 When you get any magazine, you flip to the TV section just to see if the Mentalist was in the top 20 watched
72 You want to get a shirt that says Team The Mentalist or Beware, Overly Obsessed Fangirl (Or fanboy)
73 You have watched all the episodes even when they are not out in your country yet

74 You have made a story (not a fan fiction) in which the main character can hypnotize (and my main character was a dragon 0.o).

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