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The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: It's all about the balance, Grace. Yin - Yang, nice - bitch. A little bit of bitch inside the nice, a little bit of nice inside the bitch.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: Is this the only .38 in your possession?
(Patrick grabs Presiado's wrist)
Presiado: Yes it is. (To Patrick) And if you try to hold my hand again I'm gonna tear your arm off and beat you unconscious with it. Get me?
Patrick: Got you.
The Mentalist Quote:
Presiado: (to Wayne) Are you guys gonna help or are you gonna stand there and pick your nose?
Wayne: Come on guys, play nice. This is a joint operation. We go in together when our boss and entry team get here.
Presiado: Uh-uh. This is our arrest, always has been. We've got no time to wait for your mommy.
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: It's just funny what bad liars cops are. I guess they're not used to concealing themselves under questioning.
Teresa: I'm a cop and I lie to you all the time. You never catch it.
Patrick: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you're translucent, my dear. I always know when you're lying. Sometimes I let you think you've fooled me just so you don't feel bad.
Teresa: Name one time.
Patrick: Last Thanksgiving you said you were going back East to your brother's house, but I knew you were actually planning on having 3 days at home alone to watch old movies and eat icecream.
Teresa: OK. So that's one time.
The Mentalist Quote:
Detective Blakely punches Jane in the nose. Teresa runs up.
Teresa: You okay?
Patrick (holding his nose): Assault! Assault!
Teresa: I would rethink this new technique of yours.
Patrick: I can't disagree.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: When are you going to learn to cool it without being told?
Patrick: Oh, come on. They pissed you off too, the sexist pigs.
Teresa: They were!
Patrick: I just said they were.
Teresa: You were saying it ironically.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: He made his bed. He can lie in it.
Patrick: You know, I've never really understood that one. Just 'cause someone makes their bed, why do they have to lie in it? What's to stop them from lying in another bed, or on the floor, for that matter?
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa and Patrick are interviewing someone. Teresa's phone rings.
Teresa: Excuse me. (She answers it)
Patrick (to Lacey): Always goes off.
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: Food's here.
Grace: Hawaiian. Cho hates pineapple.
Patrick: Well, he can take it off, can't he?
Grace: Yeah, I guess. I don't complain when he and Rigsby order Mexican.
Patrick: What is it you don't like about Mexican?
Grace: Sinlantra. Can't stand it. But I don't make a fuss.
Patrick: No, you don't, do you. Why is that?
Grace: Sometimes you have to go along to get along.
Patrick: It's nice to be nice, but if you want to get ahead in life, sometimes you have to be a bitch. I know you know how.
Grace: Gee, thanks.
Patrick: It's all about the balance, Grace. Yin, yang. Nice, bitch. Little bit of bitch inside the nice, little bit of nice inside the bitch.
Grace: I'll work on that.
Patrick: Keep 'em guessing.
The Mentalist Quote:
Cho: There's pineapple on it.
Grace: You can take it off.
Cho: I'll know it's been there. (Later, to Teresa) Can I have your salad? (She rolls her eyes and give it to him.)
The Mentalist Quote:
Cho: She's confident about the time-frame because they were having sex with the TV on and there was the Scottish guy talking to that actress who married the country singer.
The Mentalist Quote:
Presiado: Oh, Gladys Knight and the pips. Brought our prisoner back?
Teresa: Detective Presiado, we need to sit down with you. We have a few questions for you.
Presiado: What questions?
Rigsby: That's a .38 you carry, isn't it?
Presiado: You trying to say it was me? You miserable sons of bitches. Where the hell do you...
Blakeley: Hold it, Steve, let me handle this.
Presiado: No, no, this one's mine. Where the hell do you get the nerve to come here to my town, talking to me like that? What weapon do I carry! Kiss my ass.
Teresa: California State Constitution. We've come to you here out of respect. We could've found you in the police station and made a fuss.
Presiado: You should be glad you didn't.
Rigsby: You should be glad we didn't.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa (to Presiado): You paid her a lot of money. A lot. Good-looking man like you, there had to have been more to it than that. (Patrick, who is eating a sandwich, pauses mid-bite and looks at Teresa when she gets to the "good-looking" bit.) Did she have something on you?
Presiado: She was punctual and clean and didn't say much - and I like that in a woman.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: What about Presiado?
Patrick: His stressed pulse rate was thready, dishonest.
Teresa: Thready?
Patrick: Hard to describe pulses. A dishonest pulse feels different to an indignant pulse. In his case, hard to say what he's lying about exactly, but he was signalling deception from first to last. There's something off about his whole story. Where are we going?
Teresa: To the zoo. They have new tiger cubs.
Patrick: Oh. Liar.
Teresa: Ah, very good. I'm going to go and speak with Blakeley.
Patrick: Blakeley's not going to tell you anything.
Teresa: Nah, Blakeley's old school. He'll back his partner to the moon but his wife might be less steadfast. I'll keep the husband in the office while you go and talk to the wife.
Patrick: Ah. Sweet.
The Mentalist Quote:
Minelli: Now we're arresting them. Hooray.
Teresa: We have the right. He assaulted Jane and he looks good for the murders.
Minelli: Before you charge a cop with murder, he better look better than good. He better look like the damn Mona Lisa.
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