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The Mentalist Season Four
The Mentalist TV Show - The Mentalist on CBS Last Time on The Mentalist
417: "Cheap Burgundy"
Jane suspects that Agent Susan Darcy has ulterior motives when she asks for his help with a homicide investigation. Meanwhile, CBI handles the murder of a young woman who was killed after meeting someone in an on-line chat room.

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The Mentalist TV Show - The Mentalist on CBS
Fri, March 9th, 9:00PM EDT
418: "Ruddy Cheeks"
Jane and the CBI try to narrow down the list of suspects when a terminally ill man, is found murdered. Meanwhile, Cho is forced to face his demons.

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Season 4 Episode Trailers

"Cheap Burgundy" Episode Preview
The Mentalist Season Two
Where we are in season four

4.01 Scarlet Ribbons Jane's in jail for murder!
The Mentalist TV Show - The Mentalist on CBS Jane returns to his old ways after suffering a head injury!
406 Where In The World is Carmen O'Brien We Meet Lisbon's Brother!
411: Always Bet On Red Red John strikes again!
The Mentalist TV Show - The Mentalist on CBS Who killed an undercover cop?
412: My Bloody Valentine Is he or isn't he? Is Van Pelt's fiance' still alive?
The Mentalist Characters
Patrick Jane Calling Patrick Jane!!! Check out these fab pages on our CBI Consultant, Patrick Jane:

All about Patrick Jane
Best Patrick Jane quotes
Patrick Jane photos
Patrick Jane Trivia
Patrick Jane's Car

The Mentalist Cast
Robin Tunney
The Mentalist's other leading lady, Amanda Righetti!

Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney Bio
Robin Tunney Pictures
Robin Tunney Quotes
Robin Tunney Trivia

The Mentalist Relationships
"Jisbon" "RigsPelt" "Jace"
jisbon Credit: empyreancircus @ lj Credit: Patrick_Grace @ lj
Patrick & Lisbon
Rigsby & Van Pelt
Patrick & Grace

The Mentalist TV Schedule
The Mentalist next airs March 29th

The Mentalist News
Thursday, March 15, 2012
CBS Renews The Mentalist for Fifth Season (2012-2013)
The Mentalist's Bruno Heller Delivers the Scoop: Will Jane Get Busted By the FBI? (03/06/12)
Exclusive Interview: The Mentalist's Tim Kang Talks about the Summer-Cho Moment, Hot & Heavy Scenes and Games of Thornes (02/12)
'Mentalist' Star Amanda Righetti Reveals Her Diet Secrets! (01/09/12)

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The Mentalist Quotes
"When Cho shows up, grab him. Spread the pain around."

~ Lisbon

Hunt for Red John
Do you have what it takes to catch Red John? Play the Red John Scavenger Hunt and help Jane hunt down his nemesis.
The Mentalist Season Two
No show is perfect... check out these cataloged goofs to find out where The Mentalist slipped up...