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Season 3
October 26th/2010 At the end of The Mentalist's November 18 episode, titled "Red Moon" and directed by series star Simon Baker, something will happen at CBI that casts suspicion on the organization's employees.

Enter Agent J.J. Laroche, played by character actor Pruitt Taylor Vince, the head of CBI's Internal Affairs. He arrives December 9 and will recur in five or six more episodes this the season. The character is described as quirky, charmless, professional, socially awkward and Patrick Jane's intellectual equal.

Pruitt, who has appeared in the films Mississippi Burning and Wild at Heart, previously had recurring roles on Deadwood and Murder One, for which he won a 1997 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor. And you won't need Jane's keen perception to detect Pruitt's trademark quality: a condition called nystagmus that causes his eyes to move involuntarily.
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October 19th/2010 The names of episodes 3.08, 3.09 and 3.10 are Ball of Fire, Red Moon and Red Jolly Elf

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October 7th/2010 Currie Graham is coming back on The Mentalist playing the character of Walter Mashburn. We already saw Mashburn in Season 2 episode "Redline", and at the time Mashburn did show interest for Lisbon. Will he be the love interest rumored for Lisbon?
We will find out soon!
This information was confirmed by Jordan Harper - one of The Mentalist's writers on his twitter, where he wrote:
"I've been told that the cat is out of the bag, so I guess it's okay to tell #thementalist fans that I said hey to Currie Graham yesterday."

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September 29th/ 2010 How much of Jane's backstory are we going to get on The Mentalist? — Hal
You'll get some insight this week when Jane's brother-in-law shows up and forces him to confront his past. First, Jane revisits his carnival roots, but creator Bruno Heller tells us he'll later do something he hasn't done since his family died at the hands of Red John. "He goes on one of those Nancy Grace-type legal scandal shows," he says. "He swore he'd never go back on TV in order to catch the bad guy." Sounds pretty serious to us!

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September 22nd/ 2010 Anything on The Mentalist? Will there be anything happening with Jane and Lisbon this season? — Clarisse
Creator Bruno Heller tells us the events of the finale leave Jane pulling away from everyone he's close to, out of fear that they will be Red John's next victims. But Lisbon will have none of it. "Her faith in him and her willingness to go to bat for him means they're much tighter," Heller says. "As much as he wants to protect her by pulling away from her, he feels more love for her this year because they've been through so much, yet she's proven that she'll be there for him."

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September 20th/ 2010 Kevin in New York: Any scoop on The Mentalist's Amanda Righetti?
"We are going to see Jane [Simon Baker] becoming more obsessed with Red John, and we do actually get closer to Red John," says Righetti. "And Grace gets a love interest this year, so that's exciting. It's Eric Winter." So romance with Rigsby is on the back burner for the time being. Sniff.

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September 19th/ 2010 What's next. "Jane has information that he's not sharing" says creator Bruno Heller. "After what happened to Kristina he believes anyone close to him is going to get hurt."

Read more bits of information about Jane, Hightower, Lisbon, Van Pelt and Rigsby clicking on this link.
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September 19th/ 2010 Spoiler: The name of episode 3.07 is Red Hot.

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September 8th/ 2010 Anything on The Mentalist? — Clarisse
ADAM: You know how Patrick Jane loves rebelling against authority? He'll get even more opportunities, because the show is adding a stern federal judge to antagonize him. She's a wealthy former DA from a family of blue bloods, and we're hearing the two will clash spectacularly over one of Jane's cases.

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September 3rd/ 2010 Spoiler: The name of episode 3.06 is Pink Chanel Suit.

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August 23rd/ 2010 Spoiler: The name of episode 3.05 is The Red Ponies.

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August 11th/ 2010 Spoiler: Eric Winter has been tapped for a recurring on CBS’ crime drama The Mentalist as a potential love interest for co-star Amanda Righetti.

On Mentalist, Winter (The Ugly Truth) will play Craig O’ Laughlin, an FBI agent who catches the attention of Grace Van Pelt (Righetti), and the two of them have chemistry.

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August 10th/ 2010
Spoiler: The name of episode 3.04 is Red Carpet Treatment.

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August 4th/ 2010 Spoiler: Malcolm McDowell is returning to The Mentalist this fall as Britt Stiles, the leader of the Visualize Self-Realization Center. McDowell told TV Guide Magazine that he starts shooting next week. "I'm obviously some kind of dastardly serial killer type," he jokes. "But I like fencing with Simon Baker."
McDowell says the ambiguous church leader, who was first introduced this spring in the episode "Red All Over," is a great recurring character because, "he's a charming, charismatic, deadly character — but he's wonderful because he is so smooth. He is like Teflon and whenever he's attacked he just smiles and deflects everything."
And he's excited to work with Baker again. "I didn't realize quite how good of an actor he is until I worked with him," says McDowell. "He's very, very skilled. At 11:30 at night, he's still saying, 'No, let's talk about it,' as opposed to 'Let's get home to bed.' He wants to get it right. And he's right."

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July 30th/ 2010 Spoiler: Former Friday Night Lights The Mentalist in the potentially recurring role of Danny Ruskin, Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) brother-in-law. scene-stealer Kevin Rankin (it’s Herc!) is joining CBS’ “He’s a hustler, a con artist, a ladies’ man—a cunning ne’er-do-well,” explains Mentalist EP/creator Bruno Heller. “Through his sister, he has an emotional hook in Jane that he’s not afraid to tug at when it serves his nefarious purposes.” Rankin will debut in this season’s second episode, slated to air on Sept. 30.
: EW Entertainment
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July 29th/ 2010 Spoiler: Van Pelt’s gettin’ some! The Mentalist is currently casting a potential love interest for Amanda Righetti. The deets…
Craig O’Laughlin: In his late 20s to early 30s, Craig is a football player-turned-FBI agent. Translation: Actors with fewer than six packs need not apply. The role is recurring.
Source: EW Enternainment
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July 26th/ 2010 Spoiler: There's a casting call for 11 characters for episode 2, which it's named Cackled-Bladder Blood:

A wealthy incredibly sexy lady is having an affair with Danny.
Gender: Female Age: from 18 to 40

This conservative, serious, adept woman is the murder victim's sibling. ent specs:
Gender: Female Age: from 25 to 40

Very luscious. The deceased's aide, she cries non-stop after his death.
Gender: Female Age: from 18 to 35

This conspicuously elegant elderly woman comes up to Van Pelt, saying that her bag was just stolen. She is another of Jane's old friends.
Gender: Female Age: from 55 to 80

Is classy, and a dedicated housewife. This busy, accomplished woman is the spouse of a realty tycoon.
Shortly after her husband past away, she keeps herself busy by making food for the funeral.
Gender: Female Age: from 35 to 50

Jane's brother-in-law who is a con artist, he dazzling and mesmerizing but his carefree facade hides his anxiety. Danny blames Jane for blight from the past; when he's wrongly suspected of killing someone, he depends on Jane to get him off the hook.
Gender: Male Age: from 25 to 40

This persistent homicide detective is working a case. When Reece thinks Jane's team is evading him, he makes it clear that he's serious, and will all he can to make sure justice is served.
Gender: Male Age: from 25 to 55

A bigger man. He is a chatty person, an important person; and Jane's old friend. There is no doubt, he dislikes cops, and has no desire to cooperate with the cops especially if it means ratting out an associate.
Gender: Male Age: from 45 to 60

Role # 9 - SAMMO
A "little" man. Arrogant and undaunted, he works in Pete's circus as a fire-eater. Also an acquaintance of Jane, Sammo is automatically attracted to Lisbon.
Gender: Male Age: from 18 to 60

This cop runs in gun raised and commands a suspect to let go of their weapons.
Gender: Male Age: from 25 to 50

This man allegedly struck it rich online is pretending to have family money. When in fact, he is a con artist who has been preparing to scam local upper class community members.
Gender: Male Age: from 35 to 50

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July 22nd / 2010
Spoiler: Asked by a reader about future plots in the series, TV Guide's Adam Bryant replied: "Get ready to meet Patrick Jane's con man brother-in-law." "He's charismatic and uses his charm and bravado to mask his anxieties." "Even though he blames Jane for his sister's death, he'll have to rely on him when he's suspected of murder." (In this season's second episode)

Source: RTE ten / TV Guide
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July 7th/2010 Spoiler: For its third season premiere, titled "Red Sky At Night," CBS's The Mentalist wants an actor to play Gale Bertram, the new director of the Attorney General's Office. The role is expected to last at least five episodes.

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Seasons 1 & 2
The Mentalist Spoiler
April 6th / 2010 Spoiler: Is ‘The Mentalist going to resolve the Red John case this season? – Kerry Anne
As promised, I ran this question by new CBI boss Aunjanue Ellis, and she said that since RJ is “one of the signatures of the show, in terms of suspense, we will continue to explore that.” I have since gleaned that Red John figures heavily into the season finale.

Source: The Big Tease, Fancast
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March 31st / 2010 Spoiler: Though Agent Hightower is a tough cookie, don't expect another desk-pounding bureaucrat. This bodes well for Patrick Jane. "Her relationship with Jane is one of respect," Aunjanue Ellis tells us. "He's not just an annoyance or someone she has to take down a peg or two. She's really fascinated by him." Bad news for Lisbon: Hightower feels the opposite way about her.

Source: TV Guide Mega Buzz
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March 10th / 2010 Spoiler: Series creator Bruno Heller, who describes Red John as his series' Moby Dick, says the show won't return to the serial killer story line until Season 2's closing episodes. When Jane and Lisbon pick up his scent, it will put one of their team members in jeopardy. "The story will move a great leap forward," Heller says. "But they're not going to catch [him]. They're going to come too close for comfort."

Source: TV Guide Mega Buzz
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March 4th / 2010 Spoiler: According to the TV Guide Mega Buzz, Rigsby and Van Pelt are going to have to answer questions from their new boss about their relationship. Also, Lisbon will get a hard time from Molly Hightower because of her knowledge about this office hook up.

Source: TV Guide Mega Buzz (Video)
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March 2nd / 2010 Spoiler:

I know others have teased a possible romance ‘tween Jane and psychic Kristina, but at least one source tells me that’s most likely not where this story is heading. Instead, when Hope resurfaces in the season’s final two episodes (airing May 13 and 20), expect Kristina to command Jane’s attention in other ways.

Read more:

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February 11th / 2010 Spoiler:
Leslie Hope's character will be hired by a local Police Department to help solve the same case that Jane and the CBI team are working on.

Read more:

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February 9th / 2010

January 17th / 2010

August 8th / 2009
Spoiler: Leslie Hope, the actress who played the psychic from last season, will be returning at the end of this season and possibly do some flirting with jane.
source: article
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it has now been officially confirmed that "take care of her, or I'll come back to haunt you" isnotwhat Bosco whispered into Jane's ear before he died


Actress Amanda Righetti doesn't mince any words when she says that her character of Grace will get together with Wayne. She told TV Guide Magazine: "It's probably not going to happen until a quarter of the way through the season. The audience has been expecting it so I think it's been inevitable... I think Wayne really adores [Grace]."
Source: TV Fanatic
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August 8th / 2009 Spoiler:
Pictures for upcoming episode! View Photos!
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August 8th / 2009 Spoiler:
Pictures for another upcoming episode! View Photos!
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August 8th / 2009 Spoiler:
Casting call for some guest appearances in episode 2.04. Info on these characters.
Source: Spoiler TV
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Spoiler: - Apparently, In episode 3 of Season 2, Lisbon is the prime suspect in a murder case in which an infamous ********* is killed. Ahh! I am so excited!

Clicky here to watch it. And the quality isn't too great.

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September 3rd / 2009 Spoiler: - Casting Call for Young Patrick Jane and Jane's Father- episode 2.07

The Mentalist is currently casting for a 16-year-old Patrick Jane and his father in 1986, shown in a flash back using their "mentalist" abilities at a carnival. For full article: Click HERE.
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September 30th / 2009 Spoiler: - The Mentalist- Episode 2.03- Lisbon is accused of murdering a criminal from her past who was recently paroled.

"Red Badge"- Jane,Cho,Rigsby and Van Pelt decide to conduct their own investigation when Lisbon is accused of murdering a child molester she arrested who was recently paroled.

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Spoiler: -

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Grace Van Pelt Wayne Rigsby has a crush on Grace Van Pelt. For more information on the pair, see Rigsby & Van Pelt.

For your next clue, click the image on the left. Don't forget to write down the letter in the image...

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Smolovesjane Jane and Lisbon Romance in Season three? 1 May 23 2012, 9:15 AM EDT by Eagleeyes8
Thread started: Feb 15 2011, 7:00 AM EST  Watch
Heyyy I'm new to this site and i love Jane and Lisbon as a couple. Really hoping they come together in season three cuz quite frankly I'm tired of writing fanfiction about it!
Cuz i have a life XD
Tell me what you think!
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Soleil_Jane Season 3 Spoilers (page: 1 2 3 4 5 ... last page) 422 Jul 21 2011, 4:33 AM EDT by Mentalgal
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Hi everyone! I created this thread so we can comment about the spoilers for the upcoming season 3. In the Spoilers section we can upload the information and we can give our opinion about right here. So let's star cause we have our very first spoiler for season 3!
We have a name: Red Sky at Night wich gives me the idea that they are really going to continue the story of season 2 finale. And they're also looking for a new character! I can't wait for more bits of info.
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sayxgoodbye Season Finale (*POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*) 0 Apr 26 2011, 6:35 AM EDT by sayxgoodbye
Thread started: Apr 26 2011, 6:35 AM EDT  Watch
Not an enormous spoiler, mainly because I'm sure we all saw this coming anyway, but if you don't want to know anything about what's going to happen, DO NOT READ THIS. That said, if you're still here... I was curious to know your thoughts on this. According to the link I've left for you guys below, "we'll finally get our first glimpse of [Red John] in the two-hour season finale when a CBI mole is revealed and Patrick comes face-to-face with Red John for the first time."

Now I know I'm not the only one thinking, 'wait, didn't this happen already?' :P My thoughts: a) the masked man last year really wasn't RJ, b) the masked man may or may not have been RJ but now we're going to see his actual face, or c) this spoiler is pulling a season-two on us and we're going to see a blur of RJ. What do you guys think?

Here's the source; The Mentalist is the 10th picture.

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