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simon baker"‘The Mentalist’ Star Simon Baker Is New $30 Million Man"

Simon Baker seems to be having a very good year. With the success of The Mentalist still going strong in season three, the actor is in the process of closing a deal on his new contract. Simon Baker originally signed a five year contract, which has now been extended to six years and gives him roughly $10 million per season. The actor gets a bigger piece of the syndication profits, not to mention credit for producing beginning in season five. Not to shabby way to end 2010 huh?

This is great news for The Mentalist fans as it keeps our favorite show/actor around for a guaranteed six seasons!!!


"The Mentalist: Has Jane Lost Red John's Cat-and-Mouse Game?"
Source: TV Guide

Series Creator/Executive Producer, Bruno Heller says after the season 2 finale of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane ends up "pretty badly traumatized" by his encounter with Red John. The season finale left Red John holding all the cards. He held Jane's life at his fingertips and kidnapped psychic Kristina Frye, who is the first woman Jane has gotten close to since the murder of his wife and child.

In Season 3, Jane pulls away from Lisbon and the CBI team because he fears one of them may also fall victim to Red John. Until Jane can make heads of tails of his relationship with Red John, there can be no other relationship for him.

Jane is more serious and intense in season 3. He still has his humor but he's left raw after the season 2 finale.

In Season 3, we will see: Jane's con-man brother-in-law; Lisbon and Jane's dedication to one another; Jane's obsession with Red John grows and last, but not least, Van Pelt and the new FBI liaison create some sparks that doesn't sit well with Rigsby. How will this all play out in season 3?

"Eric Winter Cast as Love Interest on The Mentalist"
Source: TV Fanatic

Eric WinterDaytime soap opera star, Eric Winter, has been cast to play a recurring role on The Mentalist for season three. Winter will portray FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin and is slated to be a possible love interest for Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti).

Eric Winter portrayed Rex DiMera on Days of Our Lives from 2002-2010. He portrayed Jason McCallister for 5 episodes on "Brothers and Sisters" and has had guest starring roles on shows such as: The Ugly Truth, CSI, Viva Laughlin, South Beach and Charmed.

Eric Winter is married to actress Roselyn Sanchez, who portrayed Elena Delgado in the now-canceled series "Without a Trace."

"Robin Tunney Spills Mentalist Secrets"
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Red MenaceRobin Tunny talk about the new boss in town, Molly Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis). Molly will flirt with Jane and have authority over Lisbon. How will Lisbon deal with a new boss, let alone a female boss after Minelli?
Tunney also talks about how Lisbon will spend past of the end of season 2 mourning Bosco. Not to comes Red John again.....

"Predicting A Change for The Mentalist
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Red Menace
The Mentalist will be casting a new regular character to the CBI team. The new character's name is Agent Beth Scott and will begin sometime in early 2010. She is a 40-something, African American Woman coming from the California Bureau of Investigations headquarters. Agent Beth Scott will be on-air for the rest of Season 2 and possibly longer. Now, is this just an addition to the cast, or is someone leaving? No rumors yet on anyone leaving but....who knows, anything can happen on television!

'Mentalist' Needs More Thought
The Mentalist was a bright spot for CBS in its first season, and the network is hoping for more big things in the second. It has moved the show to 10 p.m. Thursdays to create a major crime-busting bloc of The Mentalist and, leading into it, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The MentalistAnd, with its second season starting Thursday, The Mentalist: The Complete First Season (Warner Home Video, 23 episodes, six discs, $59.98) arrives on DVD two days earlier. In addition to some entertaining extras, the set illustrates both the show's virtues and its flaws. The Mentalist stars Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, a man whose observational skills suggest some psychic power — and make him useful to police investigations. But Jane is also damaged — by the death of his wife and child and his fixation on finding Red John, the serial killer responsible. He can be brutally direct in dealing with people who evade and lie. (The series and Fox's Lie to Me, whose first season is also on DVD, are more than a little similar.) And, as the first season ended, whatever success Jane had was diminished by his unfinished quest for Red John. The show has a compelling personality in Jane, well performed by Baker, an actor who's not afraid to be unlikable. The rest of the cast — which includes Robin Tunney and Tim Kang — also knows what it's doing. And the show has some very cool moments, such as the way the first-season finale used a skywriter to demonstrate Red John's presence. On the other hand, the plotting and direction are at times less sure-handed. Again, in that first-season finish, one character chomped his gum so hard that he marked himself as suspicious to viewers long before the people in the show caught on. The Mentalist is OK entertainment but not yet great. As for the DVD, there's a funny blooper reel (marked as ''surveillance video''), a good making-of segment and an even better piece called Cracking the Crystal Ball: Mentalist vs. Psychic. It looks at some of the people doing in real life the same things as the show's fictional folks.

Vote For The Mentalist!

The Mentalist is up for nomination for The National Television Awards - Best Drama

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The Mentalist in TV Guide week of 9/21 - 27/09

by: #1hotchfan

The Mentalist is featured in this week's TV Guide (ON THE COVER) with a great article! Will be scanning and adding the photos shortly!
The Mentalist Promos!

by: love_gsr

I bring you four The Mentalist promos for the second season! They are very similar and have a lot of the same scenes but each promo have some new scenes that give us a look at what's coming up this Season!
You can find them HERE.

Don't forget to chat with fellow members about these promos and what you're looking forward to this season! Only 19 days left!
Follow the thread HERE.


On a side note for Canadians..
The Mentalist will be airing on Tuesday nights on CTV, two days before it airs in the United States on Thursday. Then on Oct. 1st, it will change to Thursday nights.
So the premiere for The Mentalist in Canada is September 22nd.

Casting Call for Young Jane and Jane's Father
Episode 2.07
16-year-old Patrick Jane and his father Alex are seen in a flashback using their "mentalist" tricks at a carnival.
Full article: CLICK HERE
New Photos
Check the photos from the upcoming episode "Redemption"!
Click HERE

Behind the Scenes



Apparently, In episode 3 of Season 2, Lisbon is the prime suspect in a murder case in which an infamous ********* is killed. Ahh! I am so excited!

Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.


Watching the Filming of The Mentalist


A lucky fan was able to sit in on a filming of an upcoming episode for The Mentalist. She was able to take photos and has kindly upload them onto the internet. The whole cast was there and she has pictures of each. If you would like to see them, follow the link LINK.

Crime-Fighter Hotties


Robin Tunney - The MentalistThe Mentalist Pictures - Tim KangSimon Baker - The MentalistThe Mentalist Pictures - Amanda Righetti

We know they are the best - now, lets tell the world. Vote!

Favorite Male: Simon Baker, Tim Kang
Favorite Female: Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti

Mentalist Summons Oz Star


Mentalist-casting_lPatrick Jane should have a field day reading this guy: Former Oz actor Terry Kinney is joining The Mentalist as an ex of Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) and a major player in the Red John investigation, sources confirm to me semi-exclusively. Kinney, who most recently starred in ABC's short-lived cop dramedy The Unusuals, will play the recurring role of Sam Bosco, a by-the-book California Bureau of Investigations agent who heads up the division overseeing the Red John case. Bosco served as Lisbon's mentor as she was coming up through the ranks, during which they shtupped once or twice (or a lot). Further complicating matters: The two share a deep, dark secret! Bosco is also one of the few people immune to P.J.'s charms. He hates his unorthodox methods and is determined to oust him from the CBI. Good times all around!Kinney's deal calls for him to appear in at least seven episodes.The Mentalist kicks off its second season (its first in its new Thursday time slot) on Sept. 24.


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'Mentalist' Needs More Thought
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A new blog entry based on an interview with Creator, Bruno Heller on season 3.... Has Jane lost his edge with Red John? How badly scarred will he be in season 3 after the abduction of Kristina Frye and his up-close experience with Red John?

What will become of RigsPelt now that there is a new love interest for Van Pelt? How will Hightower work out as the new boss?

Let's chat about this new blog item...share your thoughts/opinions!
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