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The Mentalist Season Two
The Mentalist Season Two
Check out the Season 2 Episode photos!
The Mentalist premiere - what to expect?

It's just two weeks before The Mentalist begins! The fans are curious:
Will Van Pelt and Rigsby hook up? Will Patrick Jane catch Red John? What will the new characters bring to the show? Do you have theories to these questions? Would you like to see something in the new season? Debate and speculate here.

Hot Fan Topics Surrounding Season 2
Countdown to The Mentalist Season 2 PremiereChat about season 2's "Redemption" here
What are your predictions for season 2?Spoilers for Season 2
Season 2 Trailers

The Mentalist Premiere Trailer #1

Mentalist Premiere Trailer #2
The Mentalist Season One
Where we left off in season one...
The Mentalist Season OneMeeting Patrick Jane for the very first time
The Mentalist Season One Jane and Van Pelt are "married"
The Mentalist Season OneCho is da man! Jane dresses up Cho.
The Mentalist Season OneJane goes blind
The Mentalist Season One We learn that Red John killed Jane's family
The Mentalist Season OneRigsby and Van Pelt kiss for the first time.
The Mentalist Characters
The Mentalist - Patrick Jane
Calling Patrick Jane! Check out these fab pages on our fave consultant:

All about Patrick Jane

Best Jane quotes

Patrick Jane photos

Patrick Jane's Car

The Mentalist Cast
The Mentalist - Robin TunneyThe Mentalist's leading lady, Robin Tunney!

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney Quotes

Robin Tunney Pictures

Jisbon... to be or not to be?

The Mentalist Relationships
"Jisbon" "RigsPelt""Jace"
jisbon Credit: empyreancircus @ ljCredit: Patrick_Grace @ lj
Patrick & Lisbon
Rigsby & Van Pelt
Patrick & Grace
The Mentalist Fan Spotlight
LisbonUsername: imokay
Why: "I love The Mentalist"
Slogan: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Handrix

Thread Contributions

Who are you most like?
If you were?
Fave Mentalist Videos

The Mentalist TV Schedule
The Mentalist premieres on September 24, 2009.

The Mentalist News
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
The Mentalist: The Next Level, Finally!
The Mentalist: Season 2 Preview
The Ausiello Files: Spoilers on The Mentalist

The Mentalist Quotes
Patrick Jane Quotes
The Mentalist Feature
Patrick JaneIn the second season, Patrick Jane is still hot on Red John's trail... but how complicated will things be with Sam Bosco around?
The Mentalist Message Boards
The Mentalist Fan Fare
Weekly Polls
Hunt for Red John
Do you have what it takes to catch Red John? Play the Red John Scavenger Hunt and help Jane hunt down his nemesis.
The Mentalist Goofs
No show is perfect... check out these cataloged goofs to find out where The Mentalist slipped up...
The Mentalist Fans

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