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Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Virgil Minelli: You couldn't just give Kurtik a stern talking to instead?
Teresa Lisbon: What about Christine Tanner, sir? If Kurtik was having sex with her, that gives him motive to kill.
Virgil Minelli: If! And that's a hunch. Based on rockabilly.
Teresa Lisbon: It's a Jane hunch, you keep him around for a reason.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Philip Handler: I guess, uh, you must be bad cop.
Teresa Lisbon: I try.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Kimball: They think you killed their mother.
Jeremy: Well, they don't know anything about me. I loved her.
Teresa: Of course you did. That's why you gave Rosemary's necklace to your hot new girlfriend.
Jeremy: Well, it's no good to Rosemary, is it? So shoot me, I'm a pragmatist.
Teresa: That's a good word.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Patrick Jane: (making a call on his cell phone) Hi. I made a booking for two for this afternoon. Could you put us on the terrace? It's more romantic. Thanks... Yeah, Patrick... Lovely. See you then. (ends phone call then looks at Teresa) Don't fret, I wouldn't seduce you over a meal. That'd be very sophomoric.
Teresa Lisbon: I didn't think you were trying to seduce me.
Patrick Jane: Come on, how could that thought not have entered your head?
Teresa Lisbon: (stares speechlessly at Patrick)
Patrick Jane: Your denial that it did intrigues me.
Teresa Lisbon: Bite me.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Get lost, Fluffy.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Things are getting weird, we're off to see a witch.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: (to Patrick) Look, if the boyfriend angle doesn't work out, we'll look at your trainee psychopath. Okay?
Teresa Lisbon Quote: (to Cho) You allow him to pull that stuff again and you'll be showing visitors around the state house in a stupid hat.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: This is all a big, elaborate joke you're going to apologize for now, yes?
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Teresa: The chef? Malcolm? Why do you think it's him?
Patrick: He uses way too much butter. He's a gluttonous baby. He's self-indulgent. He wants what he wants and he takes it.
Teresa: Too much butter. It's fascinating the way your mind works.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: (talking about Patrick) No excuses. I mistakenly treat him as a responsible adult.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: (To the local Sheriff) We don't help, we take over.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Aw. Jane kissed a girl.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Sir, you might as well suspend me now because there will be further infractions. Jane needs our help and he's going to get it. I'm not going to lay off because some fat cat's putting on the pressure.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: That was more of a rhetorical stand we were taking back there.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: You should put a flashlight underneath your chin just to complete the effect.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: You think you're playing him and he thinks he's playing you. One of you is wrong.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Cho: Look, a goat. Goats are signs of Satan.
Teresa: So petting zoos are like, gateways to Hell?
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Jane: I have a pretty good idea where Cody Elkins is.
Lisbon: Sharing is good.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Teresa: Just follow procedure. Have fun!
Patrick: Where is the fun in that?
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Grace: No, I mean about Rigsby. How do you know about that?
Teresa: Everybody knows about that. The attorney general knows that.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: I repeat. Do not touch!
Teresa Lisbon Quote: That attitude is why I'm in charge and you guys aren't!
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Patrick: All you need is a basic understanding of the evolutionary psychology of women, rigorously and fearlessly applied. You gotta know what buttons to press.
Teresa: Like we're toasters.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Grace: I say we bring him in anyway. For creepiness.
Teresa: Which should be a criminal offense, but isn't.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Grace: I've been here six months now. Half a year.
Teresa: What do you want, half a cake?
Teresa Lisbon Quote: He likes to play the Lone Ranger. 'Who was that masked man? I never got a chance to thank him.'
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Patrick: Yep, there it is. I told you so!
Teresa: There's no need to gloat.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Patrick: This blind thing really works. Without my vision I can tune into my other senses much more clearly.
Teresa: That's great. Let me go make you a superhero costume. What do you want to be called?
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Jane: It's a worm. It's a fossilized worm.
Lisbon: I'm happy for you.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Teresa: Like you don't know you have major trust issues.
Patrick: I trust people. I trust you.

Teresa: No you don't, and I don't trust you either.
Patrick: It's upsetting to hear that. Really? You don't trust me?
Teresa: Of course not! How many times have you lied to me, misled me, tricked me? Is that trust? No!
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Patrick: Ah, here we have two co-workers recognizing the boundaries of their professional relationship. See, you want to trust me, but there is something holding you back.
Teresa: Yes. You're untrustworthy.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Jane: What does that tell us?
Lisbon: What? We give up.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Oh, in the context of someone letting himself get hypnotized, nearly throwing his colleague off a building, and then finally being able to overpower a small crazy woman to retrieve the situation? You did okay.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Didn't I say no excitement of any kind?
Teresa Lisbon Quote: So you’re saying we should throw a blind cat among the pigeons.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: We investigate murders, we don't give briefings.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: This is a simple plan. It's when you start getting costumes and props that I get nervous.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Grace: Trick plays like this: my Dad calls them chewing gum plays. Sometimes you fool the other guy and sometimes you just get gum in your hair.
Teresa: Chewing gum plays... I can already see my hair with a big chunk out of it!
Teresa Lisbon Quote:
Teresa: Train station. Had to be a train station.
Patrick: What's wrong with a train station?
Teresa: People, noise, tunnels, trains, more people!
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Is there a word for uncanny and irritating?
Teresa Lisbon Quote: You get me sick and I'm putting you on stakeout for a month!
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Patrick: Oh, that sounds horribly tedious. Shout if you need me.
Teresa: Go ahead, relax. Enjoy yourself. God forbid you should do anything tedious.
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Let's put a pin in that, shall we?
Teresa Lisbon Quote: If he does anything wrong... if he jaywalks, shoot him!
Teresa Lisbon Quote: Dumb people can come up with smart ideas and smart people can come up with dumb ones.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:I think you said what do you think to make me think you do so I'll go with you, but really you don't.
Teresa Lisbon Quote:Go to hell. Take a toothbrush!"
Teresa Lisbon Quote:Is that a useful aha or and irritating aha?
Teresa Lisbon After being kissed by a drunk Quote:Do that again and I'll arrest you!

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