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(This story doesn't go with my Red Past series,but I really wanted to do it so yeah)
(here is my quick synopsis:
Jane and the team investigate the murder of a teacher at a highly acclaimed private highschool. Within the school they get some help from a group of friends that seem very familiar in one way or another.)

The two CBI cars pulled up next to the building and five people got out.

"Westfields school for the trubled soul," Jane said looking up at it.

"It doesn't say that," Van Pelt argued looking up at the banner haning over the door.

"Well it should," Jane replied.

"Come on let's go," Lisbon said leading the team inside.

"Oh I'm so glad you're here inspectors," Principal Ryans greeted as the team enterd the building. "As you can imagine this has been a terrible time for all of us," He started leading them through the halls. "Mr. McBride was one of ourbest teachers, it's a shame to loose him, it's been terrible on the children, even thoughs he didn't teach, he was well known around the school."

"Do you know if there was anyone who maybe resented him?" Lisbon asked as they neared the cafeteria.

"No," he told her stopping at the door. "Everyone seemed to like him."

Principal Ryans opened the door and the voices of over one thousand children could be heard at full blast. Prinicpal Ryans walked up to the front where a group of teachers were standing and took the microphone from one of them.

"Attention please attention," He said waiting for the voices to quiet.

The room went quiet as every pair of eyes turned towards him, especially the eyes belonging to five kids, who looked extreamly intrested.

"Now, I know that Mr. McBride's death is a terrible ordeal," he said looking around the room. "These people arefrom CBI and aregoing to find the person who did this."

"Try," A girl from the group called out.

Jane looked over at the friends while the prinicpla continued. "Yes they are going to try and find the murderer."

"How come you know it wasn't an accident?" A boy from the group called out.

"It doesn't look like an accident," he told them.

"Doesn't mean it couldn't be," A different girl from the group said.

"Just be quiet please," The principla said. "Now, even though this has been a most tragic event, it is still very important to remember the good times, and please,"he looked out amung the sea of faces. "If anyone knows anything, please tell us."

Prinicpal Ryans went over to the team. "They're all yours."

"Thank you," Lisbon said as the children resumed their loud noise.

"So where do we start?" Rigsby asked.

"That group of kids over there," Jane said pointing to the children who had called out.

The team aproached the table. Three girls and two boys were sitting on one side while a group of boys sat on the other. The girl who had first called out was locked in a stare with one of the boys. The team watched for a minute as Jane had told them to.

The boy looked a bit flustered, and was trying hard to keep from looking away. The girl was following his eyes with her own. The group of boys sitting around them were begining to get restless, but the group on her side sat smiling.

The girl broke into a smile and the boys moaned. The girl took the deck that was lying on the table. She held it in her hands smiling as they boy looked terrified.

"And I believe you owe me five each," she said pulling the two of diamonds out of the deck.

They boys all groaned as they each placed a five dollar bill on the table and left. The team sat opposite of them while the girl collected the money.

"Hi," she said giving them a small nod.

"Well that was quiet a trick," Patrick told her.

"Well magic is my forte," she smiled.

"If we may we'd like to ask you a couple of questions," Lisbon said.

"Shoot," she told them.

"Let's start with your names," Cho said pulling out a note pad.

"Well I'm Jane, Jane Patricks," She told them.

"My name is Gray Van Gough," the boy who was sitting on her right said.

"I'm Kim Jo," The girl who sat next to him said.

"I'm Tray Hobsin," the boy on Jane's right said.

"And I am Wanda Reichley," The girl next to Tray said.

"Well it's very nice to meet you," Lisbon said.

"Did any of you kill Mr. McBride?" Patrick asked.

"Of course not," Wanda said.

"Yeah Bride was our favorite teacher," Tray told them.

"So who do you think killed him?" Patrick asked.

"I'm still bent on it being an accident," Gray said.

"Is that so?" Rigsby asked.

"Yeah, who would want to kill Bride? He's like the coolest teacher ever," Jane said.

"Perhaps a jealous teacher," Van Pelt offered.

"All the teachers here enjoy being evil," Kim told them. The others nodded in agrement.

"Did any of you notice anything stragne about him before yesterday?" Lisbon asked.

The kids looked at eachother and shook their heads.

"No, everything seemed perfectly normal," Kim told them.

"Well thankyou for the help," Patrick said standing up.

"So any ideas?" Lisbon asked as they walked to the classroom where the murderhad taken place.

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked entering the room.

"What's obvious?" Van Pelt questioned.

"You should try and figure that out for yourself," Patrcik said. "It builds character."

"Jane," Lisbon warned.

"hmm, two shots," Patrick said ignoring her and looking at the body.

Lisbon rolled her eyes as they examined the body.

A young man of 34 was lying face up in the middle of the classroom. The desks had been pushed to the side in a neat order. Nothing else seemed disturbed. One bullet hole was in the mans chest, another in his head.

Patrick walked around the room looking at the walls before looking down at the body. "He wasn't killed here," he announced.

"What?" Van Pelt asked.

"Just look at him,"he said. "If he had died in here, the blood on his shirt would have gone down all side..."

"But in stead they just go down," Van Pelt said. "Which means he was sitting."

"Exactly," Patrick agreed.

"But wouldn't there be a blood trail?" Lisbon asked.

"Not if he died a while ago," Van Pelt answered.

"But the corerners said he died yester day,and the principal said he was here the whole time," Rigsby told them.

"And noone knows when he left," Lisbon said.

"If he left."

The team turned to the door where the group of kids were standing.

"What are you doing here?" Lisbon asked. "This is a crime scene."

"We know," Jane said walking in. "We want to help."

"I told them it was a bad idea," Tray said.

"The only way you can help is if you know anything," Lisbon told them.

"Well,"Jane looked at the other. "We do know that after school ends Bride always locks his door."

"So, lot's of people lock their doors," Rigsby said.

"But only so many people have keys," Wanda said.

"So you think whoever did this has keys to his room?" Van Pelt asked.

"Exactly," Gray said.

"What if they could pick a lock?" Cho asked.

"No one in this school is smart enough to pick a lock," Kim told them

"Well who has the keys?" Lisbon asked.

"Only three people," Tray said. "Bride, the janitor and the VP."

"Well as the stories say, the butler did it," Patrcik said walking out of the room.

"Mind if we tag along?" Jane asked walking behind them.

"Yes," Lisbon said. "This is a crime, it's no place for children."

"You've obviously never read Case Closed," Jane replied. "I mean that kids what? Six?"

"Jane chill," Tray said. "If they don't want us to come then we shouldn't go."

"Of course we shoud," Jane argued. "You know, the more someone pushes away they more they need you."

"That's not true," Tray told her.

"Is so,"she argued.

"Ok you can come if you justbe quiet," Lisbon said as they neared the cafeteria again.

Jane smiled at Tray as they went in.

"Hey Jo-Jo," Jane said as the group approached a man in grey overalls.

"Yes?" he asked turnign around to face them.

"We'd like to ask you a few questions," Lisbon told him.

"Now I know what you're thinking," he said. "I do have the keys to all the rooms but I didn't kill him. Besides, someone took my keys yesterday."

"Someone stole them?" Lisbon asked.

"Yes, I told Principal Ryans about it but he said I probably just lost them."

"Can you tell us what happened when you lost them?" Patrick asked.

"Well, I put them down on a desk in classroom 213 when I was cleaning up a chemical spill, and when I turned around they were gone," he told them.

"Thats what I forgot to do last night," Jane said pulling a ring of keys out. "Sorry Jo, here's your keys."

"What were you doing with his keys?" Van Pelt asked.

"Well, I needed some files from the office, but I can't pick a lock so I took the keys but forgot to put 'em back," she explained. She turned to Wanda. "I told you we forgot something."

"What did you need the files for?" Cho asked.

"You think we killed him?" Kim asked

"That depends on what you needed the files for," Lisbon said.

Jane opened her mouth like she was gonna say something, but changed her mind. "Just...things."

"You wouldn't have been trying to get the files for the midterm results would you?" A man asked them.

Jane turned around. "Me? Try and get the results? Never?"

"Hello inspectors. I am Vice Principal Roberts and I assure you these children are no killers."

"Hey, we could be killers if we wanted to," Wanda said.

"You're not helping," Tray told her.

"I understand you also have keys to the school," Lisbon siad.

"Yes I do," Roberts pulled out his keys. "But I assure you I had no part in this."

"We'll decided that," Patrcik said taking the keys from him.

"At anypoint yesterday did you loose or misplace the keys?" Lisbon asked.

"No ma'am they were with me the whole time," Roberts answered.

"Well looks like we're all out of suspects," Jane said turning to walk away.

"I don't think so," Rigsby said grabbing her arm. "We're not done with you guys yet."

"You heard the man we're innocent," Jane told him.

"People do tend to lie," Patrick said.

"Well, I feel hurt,"Jane replied.

"She's right though," Tray said.

"Yeah, none of us would ever want Bride dead," Gray agreed.

"He was the only good teacher around here," Kim agreed.

"I don't think anyone wanted him to die," Wanda agreed.

"Rigsby, Van Pelt, I want you two to go and check the employment records, see if there's anything we shoudl worry about,"Lisbon instructed.

"Yes boss," Rigsby said as he and Ven Pelt left.

"hm, who's room did you go to clean?" Patrick asked the janitor.

"Well, I do believe it was Mr. Adle's classroom," The janitor replied pointing to a man who was standing a bit away from the rest,staring at the children dissaprovingly.

"I suppose you would like to join us?" Lisbon directed at Jane and her friends.

"Yeah no," Jane said turning around. "You know, a crime scene isn't a place for kids."

"Oh come on Jane," Tray said grabbing her and pulling her back. "What's the worse that could happen?"

"He could kill me," she said. "Come on,that man has a personal vendetta against me!"

"He doesn't have a vendetta against you," Wanda said. "He's just..."

"Evil? Crazy? Morally inept!?" Jane guessed the end of her sentance.

"I was going for misslead but that's close," she said.

"Come on," Gray said walking and half pulling Jane with the CBI team to Mr. Adle.

"Excuse me Mr. Adle?" Lisbon asked him.

He turned around and pointed at Jane. "You. You have detention."

Jane put her hands up. "What I do!?"

"You and your friends have left the cafeteria. I was given strict orders to punish anyone who left," he explained.

"Well sir why aren't we in detention?"Kim asked.

"Because you do not talk in class Miss. Jo," he said while Jane mumbled something about a vendetta.

"I gave them permission Kyle," The vice principal said steeping in."There will be no need for punishment."

"Sir if you could tell us about this chemical spill that happend around the time when the janitor lost his keys,"Lisbon interupted as he was about to reply.

Mr.Adle turned his nasty look to her. "It was my last class and some of my students spilled some Chlorine all over the place, so, I had the janitor clean it up."

"So you and all your students left the room?" Lisbon asked.

"Yes, we did," he told her.

"Can you vouch for your students, did they all have an alibi?" Patrick asked.

"No,they all scattered. The filth," he told them.

"So, in other words you don't have an alibi either," Lisbon said just as Jane was about to speak.

"Well done Lisbon," Patrick congradulated her. "It's almost as if we are one."He smiled at her.

Lisbon rolled her eyes and ignored him.

"No,I suppose I don't," Mr. Adle said. "But I didn't kill McBride."

"No one said you did," Patrick told him.

"Well she sounded very accusing," He said.

"Eh she's a Spice Girls fan, they always sound accusing," he said before walking away. "We're done here."

Lisbon stared after him with a small hint of resentment.

"Can I help you?" The secretary at the front office said when Rigsby and Van Pelt walked in.

"We're looking for the employ records," Rigsby informed her.

"Of course, right this way," she smiled at them and led them to a room with a desk and filing cabnits. "It's that one over there," she said pointing to.

"Thank you," Van Pelt said as the secretary left. "Well, let's get to work."

"So you still think Jane knows?" Rigsby asked takign out a couple of files.

"Of course he does," Van Pelt said looking through some more.

"Why hasn't he said anything then?"

"I'm not sure."

"You know, I bet he's just messing with us."

"Why would he do that?"

"'Cause it's Jane. You really think that none of the stuff he does is for fun?"

"Well they all do help the case along."

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