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My fan fiction. Sort of like a short episode. Enjoy xD

It was an ordinary day at the CBI headquarters. Cho was sat at his desk doing paperwork, Jane was pretending to be asleep on his couch, but was really listening to Rigsby and Van Pelt’s conversation, flirting again, and Lisbon was in her office. There hadn’t been a call all day and so Jane was starting to get bored. He was like a child in the sense that barely anything entertained him and if it did it didn’t last long. Just then the phone rang and Jane jumped up from the couch and reached to answer it. As he was about to pick it up, a hand grabbed his and pushed him back onto the couch once again. When he looked up he saw Lisbon with the phone pressed to her ear, nodding her head and talking. He smiled and got up just as she put the phone down.
“Murder in Los Angeles. 2 victims, 1 dead”
“1 out of 2?” Jane asked puzzled
“Yeah” Lisbon replied looking at him as if he was stupid. He still didn’t get it and just stared at her blankly. “One survived Jane. A 13 year old girl called Lilly Scarlett. Her mother Jenny was stabbed to death. Lilly was also a victim in the attack” She said after a while.
“Oh. So who’s going?” He said sitting back down on his couch, hoping this didn’t include him. He hated working with children who had been through stuff like this.
“Were all going” Lisbon said as she pulled Jane off the couch and walked him to the door “Even you Van Pelt” Van Pelt looked up at the sound of her name and a smile spread across her face. She was barely ever allowed out the office and so she was happy. Rigsby looked and smiled too. He loved it when Grace was happy and he also loved spending time with her. Lisbon, Jane and Cho wondered off to the parking lot leaving Rigsby and Van Pelt alone.
“So you must be pretty excited about going” Rigsby said, looking at Van Pelt.
“Yeah boss barely ever lets me do field work so it’s great when she does” They were both silent for a few moments. Even though they were officially going out, they were still both shy and scared that any one of the team would come back even though the office was empty.
“So shall we go?” Van Pelt asked after a while
“Err…Yeah, sure” Rigsby said kind of disappointed. Van Pelt looked at him, smiled and kissed him. A grin spread across his face as she took his hand and they walked towards the parking lot to join the others. “Separate!” Lisbon ordered when Rigsby and Van Pelt turned up outside. The team knew about their relationship and were happy for them but Lisbon didn’t want them getting distracted at work and so had to be firm, even if she felt bad about it. One of them should have been fired but she couldn’t bring herself to do it, after all they were good workers and her friends. Rigsby reluctantly let go of Van Pelt’s hand and got in the drivers seat of the black land rover. Cho got in next to him and Van Pelt got in the back, the smile from earlier had vanished.
“Err…That’s gonna be a tight squeeze. I’ll go in my car” Jane piped up.
“Not on your own your not!” Lisbon said walking over to his blue Citroën.
“What! Don’t you trust me?!” He said with a playful smile dancing across his face. Lisbon just glared at him and slid into the passenger seat.
“Don’t go too fast” She warned
“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it” He said jokingly
“How does everybody else think you’re charming and I think you’re a complete pain in the ass?” Lisbon said. She had stopped glaring at him and had taken to looking out the window in an angry way.
“Im afraid I cant answer that Lisbon because that is your problem” He gave another smile that he probably thought would win her over but she just went straight back to giving him evils.

When they arrived at the house of the mother and daughter, they all got out the cars and headed inside. There was police tape all around the front room where forensics was just finishing checking the body. Jane looked around and saw a man heading towards them.
“Hello, I’m Matthew, Jenny’s fiancé” he said as he held his hand out for Jane to shake. He took the man’s hand and held onto it, seeing if he could get anything from him.
“Err maybe someone should fill you in on what’s been going on” He said pulling his hand away.
“Excellent idea. Where’s Lilly?” Jane said with a smile back on his face, trying to be pleasant even though he already didn’t like the man.
“She’s through there” Matthew said, pointing to the dining room “I’d rather you didn’t talk to her though. She’s in a bit of a fragile state”
“Sorry sir but it’s our job” Lisbon piped up “Van Pelt go and talk to Lilly. Rigsby, Cho, can you question this nice man here” he said looking at Matthew but the look she gave him wasn’t very nice. Like Jane, she didn’t like him either.
“Im sorry but I wasn’t told I’d have to answer questions” Matthew said defensively.
“Im sorry you weren’t informed but like I said, it’s our job. Jane come and check the body with me” Lisbon wondered into the front room with Jane following closely behind. As Cho and Rigsby walked off to another room with Matthew, Van Pelt headed to the dining room where Lilly was said to be. As she walked into the room she saw a girl who she knew was 13 but looked about 10. She had light brown hair that was long, about halfway down her back from what Van Pelt could see. As the girl looked up Van Pelt could see she had been crying and she could defiantly understand why.
“Hi” Van Pelt said in a friendly voice “Im Grace. Im here to ask you a few questions”
“Hi. I’m Lilly” she forced a smile but Van Pelt could tell she wanted to cry again. Lilly was quite pretty with a fringe and big green/brown eyes. Lilly sniffed as if she was going to start crying again so Van Pelt passed her a tissue “Thanks” she smiled and blew her nose.
“Lilly I know this is going to be hard for you but can you try and tell me what happened?”
“Well I was in the front room watching TV and mum was upstairs asleep. Matthew usually stays but he wasn’t here last night. I heard the door click but I thought it was just on the TV. The handle on the door turned and I got really scared. I screamed as someone opened the door and walked through. They were dressed all in black. I screamed as they came closer to me but then mum came down and they started going towards her instead. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get to the phone without the person getting me but they were attacking my mum right in front of me!” Lilly started crying again and Van Pelt put her arm around her. She couldn’t imagine how awful it must be to see someone close to you being hurt or killed at an age where you young enough to be venerable and scared but old enough to know what’s going on.
“We can stop any time if you want” Van Pelt said.
“No it’s fine. I just want to get it over with then I can forget it” Lilly said. Van Pelt knew this wasn’t true. Jane barely ever talked about what happened with his wife and daughter but he would never forget and she was probably scarred with it. Lilly continued “They kept saying ‘You have to ruin everything!’ to her. Then they looked at me and came my way. I glanced at my mum’s lifeless body and felt awful. She was trying to protect me. Then the walked towards me, hit me, and I blacked out. When I woke up a policeman was standing over me and said a neighbour had heard screaming and called them. The murderer was gone and my mum was dead. She was my only family”
“What about Matthew?” Lilly laughed as if she thought Van Pelt was joking
“I was dreading the day they get married. He is horrible! I don’t know what my mum sees in him” Tears began to prick in her eyes when she realised she had said it as if her mum was still alive. Van Pelt passed her another tissue
“Im just going to go give this file to my boss. I’ll be back in a bit”
“Okay” Lilly smiled as Van Pelt left the room but cried after she had gone.

“Can you tell us anything that happened last night?” Cho asked Matthew when they were in the kitchen.
“I wasn’t here last night” Matthew said grumpily.
“Who was in? Do you know?”
Jenny and Lilly I presume. I usually go over but I wasn’t feeling well last night so I didn’t bother”
“What time did you get here this morning?”
“As soon as I got the call” Van pelt walked in and handed Rigsby a file then stood next to him. Rigsby scanned through the information Van Pelt had got from Lilly then closed the file.
“Cho, mind if I ask a few questions?” Rigsby asked
“Go for it”
“Thanks. Matthew, what do you think of Lilly?”
“How is this relevant?” Matthew’s tone was defensive again.
“Just wondering”
“Well she’s a good kid I guess. Never gets in trouble and always does her best. Her mum loved her so much, she was so proud of her”
“Did you and Lilly ever have a problem?”
“What? NO!” He was shouting now.
“Its just she said she wasn’t too keen on you”
“You…” He went for Rigsby but he moved out the way. Cho went behind Matthew and handcuffed then dragged him out the room. Van Pelt and Rigsby could still hear Matthew yelling as Cho walked him down the hall.
“Next time, watch what you say” Van Pelt said but she smiled and wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back and was so content he didn’t even notice Lisbon come in.
“Separate” She said in a blank voice as she poured herself some coffee.
“*cough* sorry” Rigsby said as he and Van Pelt moved away from each other.
There was an awkward silence for a bit then Van Pelt said “Boss, this is what I found out from Lilly” Handing Lisbon the file.
“Thanks” Lisbon said as she sipped her coffee and read though the file.
“Err boss?” Van Pelt said shyly.
“Yes Van Pelt?”
“I don’t think Lilly should stay here. Her mum was her only family and I’m sure you’ve noticed her and Matthew don’t get along. And the killer probably knows she was a witness and they might come and try and get her so she doesn’t talk. She needs our protection”
“Hmm...True” Lisbon thought for a moment “Where would she go?”
“She could stay with me” Van Pelt said and both Rigsby and Lisbon looked at her.
“She could?!” Rigsby said sounding surprised and Lisbon almost chocked on her coffee.
“Yeah. Anywhere’s better than here”
“Fine you go and get her then we’ll set off back to HQ. Has anybody seen Jane?” Lisbon said baffled.
“I thought he was with you…” Rigsby said as Van Pelt went to go get Lilly.
“He was but you know Jane. He just vanished”
“You talking about me?” a familiar voice said. Jane popped up behind Lisbon and made her jump. She turned around and came face to face with him, putting on the dirtiest look she had “You know I don’t like being talked about Lisbon” He said playfully. Lisbon swung her arm and hit him round the head. Rigsby laughed and Jane had a slight smile on his face but as he always does, he started getting dramatic “OW! I guess you don’t want to hear what I found out then”
“I never want to hear anything from you but since I have no choice you might as well tell us”
“Didn’t Matthew say they were engaged?”
“Yeah why?” “She wasn’t wearing a ring”
“I’ll ask someone if they found one and for them to look for it” Just at that moment Van Pelt returned with Lilly, who had a few bags and a big smile on her face. Lisbon felt like she had done good letting her come back with them and found herself smiling as they made their way to the cars.

“Where’s Cho?” She said as they walked through the parking lot.
“Here!” He called from the door of the house. He had Matthew in handcuffs and Lisbon swore under her breath, knowing they would have to take him back to HQ with them. Jane on the other hand thought Lisbon swearing was funny and started laughing a bit.
“You little…!” Matthew said when he saw Lilly and he threw himself towards her. Cho couldn’t keep hold of him and had to let go. Jane stopped laughing and jumped in front of Lilly to stop him. When both Lilly and Matthew were safely in the back of two different cars, Matthew in the land rover and Lilly in Jane’s Citroën, Lisbon whispered to Cho
“Are you sure this is such a good idea?”
“No but the police didn’t want him, go figure! And we still need to ask him some questions”
“Fine” she said as she got in the front of the Citroën with Jane. Van Pelt was in the back with Lilly and Cho and Rigsby were in the land rover with Matthew. They had been out voted for going in the car with him!

Back at HQ, Jane and Cho were questioning Matthew while Lisbon stood behind the mirror with Van Pelt and Rigsby had happily agreed to stay with Lilly in the bull pen. She didn’t care if Jane talked to Matthew, he was already messed up and she didn’t care if anything went wrong.
“Why am I even here? I didn’t do anything!” Matthew said, close to shouting again.
“You were close to assaulting an agent” Cho said, calm as ever.
“But I didn’t!”
“You tried to”
“For God sake!”
“You know your fiancé wasn’t wearing her ring?” Jane butted in, like he always does.
“Thought it might make you mad…”
“No. What makes me mad is she is out there with other guys just weeks before were supposed to get married!” Once Matthew noticed what he had said he turned pale “Ignore that”
“Sorry, no can do” Jane said with another annoying smile of his.
“What type of other guys? Do you know any name?” Cho asked.
“Yeah, I know plenty. But I’m not gonna tell you!” Jane looked him straight in the eyes and everyone except Matthew knew what he was about to do.
“Matthew, look at me” Matthew hesitated but then looked Jane straight in the eyes “When I tap you on the shoulder your going to realise this is stupid and that you should tell us to prove your innocence” Patrick then proceeded to tap Matthew on the shoulder and he told all. He said that he had suspicions Jenny was cheating on him with his brother, Harry.

Once Matthew was back in LA, promising to answer any more questions if needed, everyone went home. Van Pelt went back to the bull pen to get Lilly and see Rigsby. When Lilly had gone to get her stuff from the room opposite Rigsby said “So how long do you think Lilly will be here?”
“I don’t know. Until the killer is caught I guess, that will probably only be a couple of days. You know Jane, if he is involved, it will be closed before the week is up” Van Pelt said hopefully. She was more than happy to give Lilly a home for as long as she needed but both she and Rigsby knew that while Lilly was here, they probably wouldn’t have any time together after work and Lisbon hated it when they did anything in work. She couldn’t hear Lilly or anyone coming so she took her chance and kissed Rigsby then gave him a big hug.
“Sorry! Was I interrupting anything?” Lilly was stood in the doorway and she sounded genuinely sorry un-like everyone at work who made a joke of it. Except for Lisbon…
“No, no. You ready?” Van Pelt said, still hugging Rigsby. She knew they wouldn’t have any time so she wanted to make the most of it and Lilly wasn’t Lisbon. She wouldn’t shout at them.
“Yeah” Lilly smiled.
“Okay you set off, I’ll be at the car in a bit” Lilly wondered off. She was old enough to know what they were going to do and that she didn’t want to stick around.
A few minutes later Van Pelt and Rigsby came out of the building with smiles on their faces and they said goodbye to each other. Van Pelt walked over to her car and saw Lilly leaning against it, looking up at the stars. She looked as if she had been crying so Van Pelt walked over and put a hand on her shoulder. Lilly didn’t see her coming and jumped but giggled when she noticed it was just Grace. They both got in the car and drove off.

The next day everyone came back to work but as soon as they got there Lisbon and Jane set off to go see Harry while everyone else stayed at the office. Harry lived in a big house just outside of Sacramento. When they got to the door a tall, good looking man with black hair and blue eyes came to the door.
“Hello sir. We are with the CBI, about the murder of Jenny Scarlett, can we ask you a few questions?”
“Of course” He flashed Lisbon a smile and Jane glared at him like Lisbon had done to him the day before. When they entered the house, Lisbon and Harry went straight to the front room but Jane stayed to look around for a bit, even though he didn’t trust Harry with Lisbon. He walked around the house, taking everything in. They obviously didn’t have kids, it was too clean and no pets because the carpets were in perfect condition. He walked into what looked like the dining room and saw a woman in her early 30s sat at the table, drinking a cup of tea.
“Hello” She said when she saw Jane. Not at all freaked out by his presence in her house “You must be here about Jenny Scarlett. Terrible business that” The woman sounded so calm.
“Yes. I’m Patrick Jane, with the CBI. Before you ask or make any mistakes I’m a consultant, not an agent. My boss is through there talking to Harry. Is he your husband?”
“Yes” A look of anger spread across her face. Jane didn’t know whether it was because he was here or Lisbon was through there “Im Sasha”
“Nice to meet you” Jane gave her a charming smile and all of a sudden Sasha’s look turned from anger to flirtatious! Jane knew what was about to happen and so made an excuse to leave. “Im going to go see how my boss is doing”
“Oh. Okay” Sasha looked disappointed and she walked into the kitchen “Guess I’ll be seeing you around” She smiled at Jane then left. When he got to the front room he sat down close to Lisbon and she looked at him.
“What?” He asked
“Nothing” She looked back at Harry and smiled. Jane wondered why she was smiling. He was so fake! He cheated on his wife with Jenny and now he was trying to do the same to Lisbon “So where were you the night of the murder?”
“I was here. Sasha is a witness”
“Sasha?” Lisbon hadn’t met her yet.
“Oh, that’s his wife” Jane said with emphasis on the wife.
“Okay then” The smile had lightened and she looked slightly upset
“So your brother tells us you and Jenny were having an affair”
“Yes. But this was ages ago and it wasn’t even for that long”
“It still happened though” Jane said, suddenly loving every minute of the conversation!
“Yes but it was an accident!” Harry was getting mad as people always do with Jane so Lisbon thought it might be better if they finished there.
“Okay then” She said “Mr Jane and I will be going but we will have some follow up questions if that’s okay?” “Of course” Harry said happily and showed them to the door. Lisbon noticed Sasha stood at the bottom of the stairs and also noticed the looks she was giving her. Either she was too protective of Harry or he wasn’t to be trusted around other women.

When they returned to HQ, Lisbon and Jane walked into the bull pen and Lisbon sat at her desk and started typing away on the computer. Jane just stood there looking at his couch. “What’s wrong?” Lisbon said, but it didn’t sound as if she cared. Jane just pointed to his couch and Lisbon had to stop herself from laughing as there, on the couch was Lilly, tucked up asleep. “Bless!” Lisbon remarked and got back to work. Van Pelt walked in and Jane couldn’t stop him self
“Look!” He said pointing at the couch once again.
“I know isn’t it cute?”
“My couch”
“Jane! She didn’t get any sleep last night. She was crying the whole time”
Jane thought for a moment then said “Fine. But only this once. That’s my couch and if any of you can’t go on it, neither can she” Van Pelt thought this was un fair but she didn’t want to have to wake Lilly up now so just nodded and got back to work. Jane went and tried to get comfortable in a chair but it wasn’t the same so in the end he just went to go get some coffee and to think things through when Lisbon came in.
“What are you doing through here?” She asked as she sat down opposite the table to him.
“Comfier through here” Lisbon let out a little laugh and smiled “No seriously. How do you guys work in those chairs? Theyre so …”
“Yeah!” Lisbon let out another laugh and Jane couldn’t help but notice how cute she was when she smiled. She barely ever smiled or laughed and so when she did, it was a treat for him. They were looking at each other and Jane couldn’t help thinking why all the guys go to Grace, who he had to admit, was pretty, when Lisbon was right there in front of them. Cho came in and they broke away from each others eyes.
“Hey, just found where Jenny worked, at a clothes shop in the local mall where she lived, thought we should go talk to her boss or someone”
“Okay you and Rigsby go check it out. Any more leads?” Lisbon said looking back at Jane.
“Well I haven’t really found anything on him yet but I was wondering about Lilly’s dad, Ryan. Lilly says him and her mum were married but divorced when she was 10. She also said it was her mum that did the dumping. Could be motive”
“Van Pelt and I will go check that out. Jane you can stay here and take care of Lilly, right?”
Jane made a little whiney noise “You mean like baby-sitting”
“No Jane. I didn’t call it baby-sitting for a reason”

“Which is…?”
“She’s 13?!”
“Ahh yes, probably offensive to say baby-sitting”
“So you stay here and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble”
“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Cho said. He used his straight voice that used no humour or sarcasm but they could tell he was joking.
“Yeah so you and Rigsby go to her work place and I’ll go get Van Pelt and we’ll go check on the husband” Lisbon said, and with that they left the room. Jane was sat there thinking about what he was going to do when Lilly woke up. He wanted to get to know her but he hated conversations that led to an awkward silence. He hadn’t mentioned it before but she reminded him of his daughter and although Lilly seemed like a nice young girl, he just couldn’t be around her without feeling upset. He imagined that his daughter would be like her if she were alive today and that she would have the same characteristics. She always used to smile, even at the worst of times, just like Lilly was now. As he got up to go check if Lilly had moved from his couch and he could sit down on something that wouldn’t make his back seize up, he saw her sat at Van Pelt’s desk, doing something on the computer and so he half ran towards the couch and laid down and closed his eyes.
“Yeah sorry about that, I was tired and it looked really comfy” Lilly said from the computer and Jane’s eyes opened.
“No its fine” Jane said happily, even though he had been mad at first about the couch thing he had gotten over it now that it was his again. He half hoped the conversation would keep this way so there wouldn’t be the awkward silence he had been dreading.
“So what’s it like working here?” Lilly asked after a few moments.
“It’s good” Jane said. He had closed his eyes again but was still concentrating on what Lilly was saying.
“All the people are really nice aren’t they? I like them but the one with black hair seems rather strict!” Jane laughed at this
“Yeah her”
“Nah, she’s not that bad. She’s a lot of fun as long as you don’t get on her bad side”
“Are you?”
“Am I what?”
“On her bad side?”
“Kind of”
“Well she seems keen on you”
“Yeah but that’s because were good friends”
“Nah. I think she likes you a little more than that” The conversation ended there because Jane didn’t know what to say. He liked Lisbon and he knew she liked him because other wise she would have fired him by now but he never knew that she would like him as more than a friend. Then he couldn’t believe he was taking this seriously. Lilly had only just come here and she was only 13! No one else from the team thought about Lisbon and him together in that way. Did they?

“So you haven’t heard from Jenny in a while then?” Van Pelt asked Jenny’s ex husband, Ryan.
“No, I haven’t seen Lilly in a while either. I was going to take Jenny to court actually because she never let me see my own daughter” Van Pelt could see he was upset.
“Well when we find the killer, you might have to take care of Lilly since her mum was her only family” “Great!” He still looked upset though.
“You know we have Lilly back at HQ. We could go back there and continue the questioning and you can see her. Is that okay?” Lisbon said. She had noticed he wasn’t in the best mood and felt sorry for him too.
“That would be brilliant!” He had perked up and as they drove back to HQ, he had a smile on his face the whole time.

Cho and Rigsby were having more difficulties when they got to Jenny’s work place. The woman behind the desk wouldn’t let them see her boss even after they flashed their badges 7 times. “Look miss, we are here from the CBI. We are trying to solve a murder investigation” Cho said, losing his patience.
“Well Im sorry but I can’t let you see Mr Kliffton. He doesn’t like to be disturbed”
“And we don’t like being kept from doing our job” Even Rigsby was showing his tough side.
“Im sorry but it’s not up to me”
“Well can you call him?”
“Yes, but that’s only for emergencies”
“And you don’t think a murder investigation is an emergency?”
“Im sorry but it’s out of my hands” The woman said, getting back to work, looking through folders and typing away on her computer.
“I wish Jane were here!” Rigsby whispered to Cho.
“I think I have an idea”
“Yeah you are the replacement Jane for now” Rigsby said joking, but either Cho didn’t get it or he didn’t care because his face was emotionless once again. He leaned across the desk to talk to the woman.
“Look, I don’t want to do this but if yo don’t let us see your boss, were going to have to take you back to HQ for further questioning”
“Why?” The woman was clearly shocked.
“Because at the minute, my partner and I think you had something to do with the murder and are trying to hide it”
“No I didn’t!” The woman seemed a bit embarrassed.
“Then why don’t you prove it and call your boss?” The woman was silent and for a minute and Cho and Rigsby didn’t think it had worked. They didn’t really have anything to charge her on, but she didn’t know that! After a moment the woman picked up the phone and began talking.
“Hello Mr Kliffton. I have two men here to see you. It’s about Jenny Harrison. Yes, I know you don’t like to be disturbed but I thought it was an emergency. They are from the CBI. Yes okay I’ll send them through” She got up from her seat and led them to a door across, just a little way from her desk. As they went through she looked at them as if to say ‘well done, thanks to you I’ll probably lose my job’.
As they entered the office, a man was sat at a desk looking straight at them. They walked over and sat in the two chairs in front of the desk, wondering how they were going to do this. Lisbon hated Jane questioning people but he was good at it and could tell if they were lying. Rigsby and Cho couldn’t do that!
“So, why are you here?” The man sounded strict, but with a soft tone, as if he was very upset. Then again why wouldn’t he be? One of his workers had just been murdered. Or was he just trying to seem upset? Oh they wished Jane was there!
“Were from the CBI, here about the murder of Jenny Harrison” Rigsby said and he showed the man the badge.
“Ahh yes, poor girl. And her daughter, what about her?”
"Lilly, she's fine"
"Oh good"
"Well we need to ask you a few questions if that’s okay?”
“Yes, anything to help” He didn’t seem like the type of man who would want to kill. They usually try to cover it up. Cho and Rigsby asked him the usual questions, where were you? When did you hear about it? Things like that, and then they left. They were sure it wasn’t him, he seemed innocent and if he wasn’t, they always had his number to ask questions.

When they returned to the office they saw Jane on his couch, Van Pelt at her desk and they expected Lisbon would be in her office.
“Hey, where’s Lilly?” Rigsby said as he sat on the edge of Van Pelt’s desk.
“She’s in the kitchen, her dads through with Lisbon being questioned further, then he’s allowed to go see her” She said, looking up at him.
“Oh, you brought her dad back?”
“Yeah he really wanted to see her again; he hasn’t seen her for ages”
“Yeah, I know I would hate to not see my kid” Van Pelt couldn’t help but smile at him saying this. She knew he would always be there. Lisbon walked through to the office with Lilly and sat her down in a chair next to Jane’s couch. She looked happy but as soon as Lisbon left, so did the smile from her face. Jane noticed and just had to comment, like he always does.
“What’s wrong? We thought you would want to see your dad”
“I do, it’s just…” There was a pause “I was kinda glad when he left” Jane didn’t know what to say. He tried to think of what he must have done to make his own daughter dislike him “I mean I love him of course, he’s my dad”
“Well yeah but you don’t have to love your dad” Lilly pondered for a bit, as if she was going to say true then admit she hated him but instead she just said
“Hmm...Well I don’t hate him but…”
“But…” Jane really wanted some answers while Lisbon wasn’t here to tell him off for it!
“But he’s just so protective. I used to go and see him like the court said but he would always want to be with me and he hated it when I had to go home. Once he even blackmailed mum to keep me with him forever. So about 6 months ago I asked mum to keep me with her, without me having to see dad. We explained everything to the court and they promised to keep it anonymous. I feel awful though because he thought it was mum keeping me from him and he would call and threaten her. I really don’t want to go to him if the killer is caught. I just want to stay here!” She looked close to tears and Jane put his arm around her to comfort her. He remembered when his daughter used to cry he would wrap her in a hug and reassure her everything would be okay but he couldn’t do that to Lilly because he wasn’t sure whether everything was going to be okay… After a few minutes, Ryan came back and looked at Jane and gave him a look that said what do you think you are doing?! Jane took his arm away and Lilly pinned a fake smile back on her face. As her and her dad talked, Lisbon took Jane to one side.
“What do you think you were doing?” She looked deadly serious.
“Well she was sad and needed a hug” Jane knew he shouldn’t have said that as soon as the words were out of his mouth.
“What do you mean sad? She was happy when I left her and look now” They looked towards her, with her fake smile and big, happy eyes. Jane tried to look underneath all the lies and saw the sad, lonely girl he had seen just a few minutes before. He would love for her to stay at the CBI but he knew it wasn’t possible, he just knew Lisbon would have to say no, it was her job. Lilly had to go to someone when the case was solved and no matter what, he was going to make sure it wasn’t going to be her dad.
“Jane?!” He had lost concentration and forgotten about Lisbon’s question.
“Why did you say she was sad? She obviously isn’t”
“But she was before”
“And how would you know this?”
“I talked to her…”
“Look she is upset and you will know why later but right now I need to talk to her dad” Before she could do anything, Jane had gone and was taking Ryan into another room. Lisbon ran after them and Lilly was baffled by it all so Van Pelt and Rigsby went and sat with her. Cho laughed to himself as he thought they looked like a family!
“What the hell do you think you are doing?!” Lisbon was obviously furious with him.
“Bear with me”
“No Jane Im done okay tell me”
“Lets just say I know who did it” Jane walked into the room leaving Lisbon sat behind the mirror. He was never wrong and what was the harm? Apart from of course Jane getting punched…again!
“Why I am I in here? I need to talk to my daughter, to arrange when she is coming to stay with me”
“Im sorry but that was after the case was closed and im afraid she wont be able to stay with you even then” “Why not?!” Ryan stood up and was much higher than Jane but he wasn’t scared, he just kept his cool and knew that whatever happened, Lisbon was stood behind the window. And she had a gun!
“Well do you know the reason she isn’t allowed to see you?”
“Yeah, because Jenny just wanted her all to herself”
“Ooh so close but no. Lilly didn’t want to see you”
“You’re lying!”
“No. She told me herself”
“I don’t believe you”
“You should, it’s the truth”
“Damn it” Ryan put his head in his hands.
“Are you regretting killing her mum? Beginning to wish you killed Lilly instead?” Ryan’s head shot up but a menacing smile spread across his face
“So I’m not getting my daughter back?”
“No, you will probably try to kill her like you did with Lilly”
“She tried to take me out of Lilly’s life. Or so I thought. Im Lilly’s father! I should be able to see her. But when your own daughter doesn’t want to see you, you haven’t really got anything left to live for”
“So you gonna confess? Make it easier?”
“I thought it was Jenny! Im so sorry!”
“Lisbon, I think that’s a confession. You can take him away now”
“How did you know?” Ryan asked as Lisbon came through the door and hand-cuffed him.
“Lilly said you were shouting ‘You have to ruin everything at her mum’. That was the main clue. Also, when you saw me talking to her, you didn’t look too happy. You knew what we were talking about didn’t you?” “Yes” Lisbon took him away and mouthed the words ‘Lucky guess’ to Jane as she left.

When Jane returned to the bull pen, he saw Lilly asleep on his couch again, but this time he didn’t care. He knew what she had been through and that she was probably worrying about what would happen now. She needed her sleep. He went and sat in the kitchen again and saw Lisbon sat at the table with a cup of tea. He looked in the bottom cupboard and pulled out a pink box…Closed case doughnuts! He put them carefully on the table and went to sit down with Lisbon.
“Hey” He smiled at her.
“So I’ve been thinking. What’s going to happen to Lilly?”
“I don’t know…Foster care probably” Jane looked at her, waiting for her to laugh. He thought she was joking. She couldn’t be serious about sending her to a foster home…Could she?
“What! She can’t go into care!”
“Well where else would she go?”
“She could stay with me” Jane didn’t know why he said this; he just wanted Lilly to stay.
“Jane you know that wouldn’t work”
“Yeah. Your right” He picked up the box and walked through into the bull pen. He put on a smile but was braking inside. He had only known her for a few days but when Lisbon said she was going, it was like losing his daughter all over again. Maybe not as bad but it still hurt. “Here” He said, half throwing the box onto the table. Lisbon came through and although she could see he was upset she was mad that he was acting childish. She was going to miss Lilly too but it wasn’t up to her, it was up to her boss and even then it wouldn’t be the right thing. They couldn’t just force the duty upon Van Pelt. Then she remembered there were 2 missing members.
“Where are Rigsby and Van Pelt?” She said looking around the table. Jane was sat in front of her and Cho was opposite him.
“Don’t know…” Cho said, picking a doughnut.
“You lost them? Oh Lisbon, you should take better care” He smiled after he said it and Lisbon knew that he wasn’t going to hate her and she smiled just about that.
“I haven’t lost them; I’ve just…misplaced them!” She smiled and they laughed but then she went back to serious and went to find them. She went all around the offices but eventually gave up and went back and sat down. They would turn up sooner or later.
“Hey. Woo doughnuts!” Rigsby walked through the door a few minutes later with Grace not far behind. She went and sat next to him and everyone stared at them.
“What?” She asked.
“Where have you been?” Lisbon looked suspicious.
“Nowhere…” Rigsby was awful at lying and everyone just kept staring at them.
“Fine. We were asking Lisbon’s boss if we can keep Lilly here. I’d be more than happy to take care of her for as long as she needs and you know she can’t go to a foster home. Not after everything she’s been through” Van Pelt was always good at making speeches and Lisbon didn’t know what to say. She thought she would bring p something close to her.
“What about you and Rigsby?”
“Well we’ve decided since Lilly knows about us and she is old enough to know we can still see each other out of work but maybe not as much as we would like to. But that is fine with us” Rigsby replied and Lisbon saw they had gone to a lot of trouble for Lilly to stay here.
“Im sorry but she can’t…”

“Well why don’t we ask her?”
“Because it won’t make a difference. Im sorry. Please don’t hate me” Everyone knew there was no fighting with Lisbon once she had come to a decision so they gave up “Lilly can stay here for one more night but then she will have to go. Sorry” Everyone was quiet and Lilly, who was still on the couch, pretending to be asleep, knew she was going to miss them.

The next day everyone was at work early, ready to say goodbye. Jane was sat on his couch, thinking. He would be mad at Lisbon if he didn’t like her so much. She was like his work wife and he could never hate her. He looked over to Lilly with her bags and Rigsby with the keys ready to take her to LA. There was no point in taking two cars so only Rigsby, Van Pelt and Lilly were going.
“Goodbye” Lisbon said and Lilly reached up to hug her. She looked shocked but like she was going to cry and everyone saw that this was hurting her as much as it was them. Lilly released her and went to hug Cho. Lisbon saw Jane and went to go talk to him.
“Im sorry” Lisbon looked like she was going to cry and Jane felt sorry for her. It wasn’t her fault and if she could change it, she would. Jane hugged her and she didn’t even try to push him away, she just hugged him back. When it was over, they both looked at each other but then Cho had to ruin a moment!
“Hey, Lilly’s going now, you two coming?”
“Yeah sure” Lisbon put on a smile and so did Jane, but it wasn’t their best day ever…

“Bye!” They all said as Lilly hopped in the back of the land rover and Van Pelt and Rigsby got in the front. She had only been there for a few days but they were going to miss her. It was quite nice having a kid in the CBI.
“Well Im going to go get back to work” Cho said as the car drove off. He wasn’t really going to work, he just felt bad about ruining the moment earlier! Lisbon looked back at Jane. He smiled and she was just happy he wasn’t mad at her.
"Jane Im so sorry. Please dont hate me" Lisbon was obviously upset over everything.
“You know I could never hate you Lisbon” He said, putting his arm around her shoulder.
“Thanks” She nudged him playfully and they walked back to the office, laughing the whole way.

By Leah Andrew (OwainYeoman…MyIdol)
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