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Occupation: Serial Killer
Specialty: Gruesome, horrifying deaths
Personality type: Narcissist, *show man*,
Signature look: He has a signature mark for his murders -- a smiley face drawn in blood with his left hand while wearing a rubber glove. He uses three fingers. The face is always the first thing you see.
Strengths: Killing people. Being a sociopath
Perhaps his "show man" personality will get the better of him one day!
Endearing trait(s):NONE (but he does have a good evil laugh!)
Annoying trait(s): Killing people you love.
Red John's backstory: Red John murdered Patrick Jane's family. He taunts him in the episode "Red John's Friends," by killing the only lead Jane has on finding him. Painted Jane's wife's toenails in her own blood. Wrote a letter personally to Jane which he left on the bedroom door in Jane's house which Jane saw before he opened the door and found his dead wife and daughter.

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Name: Rosalind Harker
Relationship: Girlfriend
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Name: Rebecca
Occupation: She was Bosco's assistant; Red John killed her via poison as she was arrested and being led to a prison cell.

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Patrick Jane
Name: Patrick Jane
Occupation:C.B.I. Consultant
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Who is Red John? Do you have an idea? Chime in here!

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HaveARayDay Jane created Red John 5 Oct 16 2012, 12:11 AM EDT by vicp12
Thread started: Aug 26 2012, 8:07 AM EDT  Watch
I'm still in the middle of Season 4, and it hit me that Jane may be responsible for Red John. I don't think he is Red John, but I think he created him. Perhaps when Jane was a psychic, he purposely created a villain that would cause the media to seek him for appearances. Or, perhaps it was a bet gone wrong between him and his father whereas Jane was challenged by his old man and told he'd never be able to catch someone with his same talent and abilities.

This season we saw what Jane used to be like before the death of his wife and child. He was basically an attention ***** with no morals or qualms. I think he used his hypnotic ability to create the Red John persona (as either a challenge or game) and something went unexpectedly wrong. Like Frankenstein, he created a monster. So, because Jane made the Red John character with similar abilities and tastes as his own, that is why they appear to be yin-yang. Similarly, the Red John character can hypnotize people which is why he hasn't been stopped.

The Red John is a personality that is bigger than one person, and unfortunately for Jane, his creation got out of hand. I think that multiple people are, or have been Red John and are triggered at different times for different purposes. This is why Jane can't stop him/it. This is also why Jane is so secretive. He can't let anyone know that ultimately, he is behind the Red John murders. Also, did anyone notice in episode 13 of season 4 when Red John was sitting in front of the blind woman, Rosalind Harker, he was using a tea cup and saucer, wearing a jacket and slacks, and crossed his legs, all of which Jane does. Because of that scene we know that Jane isn't Red John, however they share similar tastes and habits. So, after 5 years of feeling guilty, helpless, and like it was impossible to do--Jane is working with the CBI stop the personality he created.
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kenymon13 I know who Red John is! 0 Aug 15 2012, 3:43 PM EDT by kenymon13
Thread started: Aug 15 2012, 3:43 PM EDT  Watch
He's in the 1st ep. and the 1st ep. in season two. I'll give you a hint: P. Jane finds him Urksome, he told Red John to that to his face once.
It's the coriner.
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m22-wilson Who is Red John? 0 Nov 25 2011, 11:03 AM EST by m22-wilson
Thread started: Nov 25 2011, 11:03 AM EST  Watch
This is the first time i have contributed to this discussion but I think there are many theories which have developed through the seasons and reflect characteristics which may define 'who' or 'what' Red John is.
Personally I do think Red John is just one person, although the theory of Red John being the name for some kind of wider society is interesting, this would make sense considering the responsive nature where Red John seems to know everything and react to anything as if he/she has eyes and ears everywhere as well as always being two or three steps ahead of Jane (thinking of the final ep of season three here).
However i think it would make sense that if Red John was a single person he/she is a manipulator, much like jane except more devious, this would explain how many of the 'normal' characters which have appeared in the show turn out to be serial killers/psychodelic in nautre.
One thing that bothers me is who or how many people within the CBI have some kind of relationship with Red John. LaRoche is leaving the CBI rather quickly since Jane said he 'knew' LaRoches secret, although I doubt this has anything to do with Red John. I do however feel there is a strong connection between Red John and Bertram, if anything though I do think he is just another 'tool'.
What is most important though is how was Red John able to be so many steps ahead of Jane in the series 3 finale? Not only did Red John have Jane fooled but he also had another plan whereby Jane could find someone who imposed as Red John, but on top of that have the resources available to have the scene cleared up imediately after.
Just a few thoughts to add to the discussion. To be honest if the identity of Red John is not revealed by the end of season four then I don't think it ever will be.
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