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Teresa Lisbon woke up on a sunny Tuesday morning she rolled over to find a pair of eyes looking at her, she took a moment t settle into her body and to remember who she was and what she was doing then she remembered why Patrick Jane was lying next to her. Her phone rang she sat up and fumbled around to find her phone. Madeline Hightower her boss was calling.

Hightower: Good morning Lisbon. I’d like to see you and Mr Jane in my office as soon as you get here. Lisbon: Sure boss we will see you when we get in.
Jane: Who was that?
Lisbon: Hightower.
Then Jane’s phone rang he didn’t bother to answer it.
Jane: Teresa darling come here.
Lisbon: I’m going to have a shower
Jane: Oh wait for me.
Lisbon: Oi get out of my shower and by the way you’re taking your car to work and you’re going to get there ten minutes after I do.
Jane: Yea yea don’t get so paranoid.

They left for work soon after and Jane made sure to get there ten minutes after Lisbon. Lisbon was very nervous going into Hightower’s office she knew that Hightower knew about her and Jane’s affair, she was sure of it. Jane on the other hand didn’t care so much. Jane stopped Lisbon before they went anywhere it’ll be fine I love you and ill make it work no matter what ok he hugged her and slipped his wedding band into her back pocket. They walked into Hightower’s office and sat down.

Hightower: I understand from reliable sources that you two are in some sort of sexual relationship care to comment?
Lisbon: Ah not really. All I have to say is don’t you think that that is kind of ridiculous I mean come on me and Patrick really?
Hightower: No actually I didn’t you did just call him Patrick and what do you have to say about this Jane?
Jane: Ah look I’m not going to lie to you because you’re my boss and you’ll find out any way so yes Teresa and I are in what you like to call a sexual relationship.
Hightower: You know this team has a problem with obeying rules first Rigsby and van pelt and now you and Jane what am I going to do? Ok so here’s the deal one of you has to leave this unit or you can’t see each other anymore, that’s what I said to Rigsby and Van Pelt and it’s what I'm saying to you. You have un till the end of the day.
Lisbon: Damn it.
Jane: Well I’m not leaving and neither is she and you can forget about us breaking up because it’s not going to happen.
Hightower: Well then I’m going to have to fire one of you. I’m very sorry agent Lisbon but I’m letting you go.
Jane: No no wait if she leaves I leave.
Hightower: Don’t be stupid please stay this bureau needs you.
Jane reached over and grabbed Lisbon’s hand
Jane: I love her and this job so I’m sorry but it’s both of us or neither of us. Your choice.
Hightower: Fine but no one finds out about this ok?
Lisbon: Yes.
Jane: Under stood thank you. They walked out of her office.
Jane: That was close. Hey I’m sorry but at least we know were safe now right. He grabbed her and pulled her close
Lisbon: Yea I guess but you know the others will find out.
Then van pelt walked around the corner
Van pelt: There you guys are what was that all about
Lisbon: Never mind. Where are we going?
Van Pelt: A little town just outside of Sacramento
Jane: Cool why don’t you drive and Cho can take a separate car
Van Pelt: Is that ok boss?
Lisbon: Yea sure
They all went to the car park and got in the car Jane and Lisbon sat in the back Lisbon rested her hand on her lap and Jane reached out to grab it. When they got there Jane and Lisbon went to look at the body while Cho and Van Pelt went to talk to the coroner. Lisbon saw the body and a tear came into her eye
Lisbon: Excuse me She ran off to the car and slammed the door
Van pelt: Are you going to go after her?
Jane: Me, why me?
Cho: You to are close I know you care about her and she cares about you too
Jane: Alright ill go He ran off to find her
Jane: Lisbon, Lisbon He found her in the car
Jane: Lis.... Teresa darling are you ok? Who is that man?
Lisbon: go away.
Jane: I can’t do that sorry. He’s your brother isn’t he?
Lisbon: yes.
Jane: open the door.
It cracked open and he pulled it and wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head in his shoulder his shoulder went wet with tears as she sobbed
Jane: Shh I’ll find out who did this I promise.
They headed back to HQ to discuss matters further.
Hightower: Jane Lisbon I’d like to see you in my office please. So did we get an I.D On the body yet? Lisbon: Yes Tommy Lisbon
Hightower: A relation of yours?
Jane: Her brother
Hightower: Oh I’m sorry I can put another team on the case if you like?
Lisbon: No ill be fine
Hightower: Ok then you can go now, and if I catch you too doing anything you shouldn’t it’s your jobs

They walked out of her office and went to talk to Rigsby and van pelt
Van Pelt: Are you ok boss?
Lisbon: I’ll be fine really now what did we find out from forensics?
Rigsby: Well it looks like he had a few hits on the head with some sort of improvised weapon maybe a metal object of some sort.
Van Pelt: So I was thinking it looks like a personal crime not planned obviously so we were thinking you and Jane should go and find out who his friends were and if he had any problems lately.
Lisbon: Ok Jane and I will go and talk to the family and friends. They walked out to the car park and got in Jane's car
Lisbon: Ill drive you’re going to meet my family its funny huh this isn’t the scenario I had in mind. She started the engine and drove off
Jane: you were planning on letting me meet your family? I’m flattered
Lisbon: of course I was just not until I had prepared you and lay some ground rules down like none of your mind games please just do your thing without making a fuss and be civil.
Jane: Oh Lisbon darling. He put his hand on her shoulder. I would never, could you pull over for a second please?

She pulled over

Lisbon: yes what is it
Jane: you my dear need to relax loosen up. He reached over and kissed her. Breath in and out.

He continued kissing her moving his hands from her neck down to her waist her pulled at her shirt tugging it up slowly, she rolled over and sat in his lap whilst un buttoning his shirt she ran her hands though his soft golden hair. Then she realised that they were on the side of the road. She sat back down in the driver’s seat and put on her seat belt.

Lisbon: Come on we’re on the job we have to go now.
Jane: Fine oh and I was thinking maybe if you wanted me to I could move in with you. It beats sleeping on your couch at work.
Lisbon: You sleep on my couch?
Jane: Well yea if I can’t sleep on my own
Lisbon: Ok are you ready and please be good

They walked into Lisbon’s parents house and sat down in the living room

Lisbon: Mum, dad how are you?
Mum: We’re holding up I imagine this is the consultant you are always ranting on about
Lisbon: Mum stop it! Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?
Dad: Go for it
Jane: So why is it that your son Tommy was fighting with his brothers?
Dad: How did you know about that?
Jane: Oh it’s a long story Teresa told me by accident
Mum: Teresa?
Lisbon: Ah yes mum I had been meaning to talk to you about that. This is Patrick, Patrick Jane he is my..... She didn’t know what to call him
Jane: Her significant other. He moved closer to her and held her hand
Lisbon: so could you tell us about what Tommy had been up to lately?
Mum: I don’t know exactly but on Friday when I saw him last he dropped this. She handed a piece of paper to her. It’s an address go check it out. It was nice of you to stop by.

They drove back to HQ and decide to call it quits for the night

Lisbon: so are we going to go back to mine or is it ours now?
Jane: it’s whatever you want it to be
Lisbon: come on then get in the car lets go home
They drove home
Jane: I was thinking we could watch a movie and eat ice cream?
Lisbon: sure or I could go up stairs and you could follow me?
Jane: Well I would like to watch a movie to. A check smile played on his lips
Lisbon: alright then you get the movie ill get the ice cream They snuggled on the couch and watched Lisbon soon fell asleep on his shoulder he moved slowly and turned the TV off, the movement woke her up Lisbon: is it time to go to bed already
Jane: yes it is. He kissed her on the forehead. Not tonight come on ill tuck you in.
Lisbon: no.

She pulled his head to meet hers. She kissed him and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He lifted her up and carried her away they ran up the stairs and into her room. They fell onto the bed she ripped off his shirt. He kissed her neck and ran his hands through her raven black hair and stared deep into green eyes. The phone rang. She ignored it but Jane had a feeling. Jane: I think you should answer that She reached over to the bed side table Lisbon: hello, yes, now? alright ill come down. We’re going to see my brother he says he’s got the man who killed Tommy. They got dressed and called Cho and the others to come and meet them

Ryan: Hey sis, this is the son of a ***** that killed Tommy. Didn’t you? He hit him over the back of the head. Didn’t you? He yelled
Sam: Yes!! Ok yes I did but he was asking for it sleeping round with my wife he swore to me swore to me but no he lied. No one screws around with me and gets away with it.
Ryan: his name is Sam Wilson
Lisbon: ok Sam. You’re under arrest for the murder of Tommy Lisbon.

They took Sam back to Sacramento

Jane: Well that was fairly easy we should get him to the D.A then we can go home
Lisbon: yea we just have to.... She stopped. Ok we can go now he’s on his way now

When they got home Jane lead Lisbon back upstairs.

Jane: where were we?

The night went on and Lisbon had never been sure about how she felt about Jane until then.

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