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Maroon Devil
By: Katherine Colburn Swartz or User: Kat1919
Do not steal please. I put this up to view for my Mentalist Fans! Not for people to use as their own.
I have spent many hours on this story, probably 12-17!! (after new addition)
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Chapter 1
Lady Killer

The terrible girl glared at me with pure hatred.
I found this amusing. Nobody liked my poker face.
I was interrogating a seventeen year old. Her golden blonde hair draped around her shoulders perfectly. Her proud blue eyes continued to stare at me.
Are we having a staring contest? I wanted to ask her just to tick her off. She would probably snap at me and demand that her over paid lawyer be present.
I didn’t particularly like her either. You could tell at just a glance that she was the queen of her school. She carried her shoulders back and chin up. She looked at everyone like they were scum, including the much feared Lisbon. She covered up her true feelings with her fake smile and strong stride. She and I were alike in some ways, but I was not a cold blooded killer.
She was the main suspect for the homicide of two teenage girls that went to her school. The girls were found shot and killed in the student parking lot. The janitor had found the bodies early in the morning and called the police sobbing near hysteria. The team had questioned a few friends and they all pointed the finger at her. This is going to be fun.
“State you name for the record.”
“Randy Simmons,” she pursed her glossy lips at me. I had met many girls in high school like this. They tended to copy off my work and make snide comments about my outfits. I clicked my pen and wrote down her name.
“Do you know Jessica Burr and Sophie Emerson?”
“Duh. Who doesn’t?” she rolled her chiseled blue eyes at me. She tossed her hair and looked straight past me into the two way glass where Lisbon, Van Pelt, Rigsby and of course Jane stood. I could only imagine Jane whining at Lisbon to come in and sit next to me.
“Why do you think you are in here?”
She sighed dramatically, the air reached my nose it smelt like vanilla mint it made me crinkle my nose slightly. “Because those dumb ******* are dead,” she replied in a dead pan tone. What a kind soul.
“Why do you think those dumb ******* are dead?”
“Dono agent Cho. Why do you think they were killed?” she countered flashing a Cheshire cat grin at me. She tilted her head saucily as I continued.
“How long have you known them for?’
“Dono.” She simply said shrugging her shoulders. She grinned. She knew she was winning. She cast out her hand in front of her and rubbed her French manicured nails clean. She was pretending to be bored with me. What an ego booster.
“Did you hang out with them in your lunch hour?”
“Who cares?” she paused, “Stop wasting my time and get to the real question.”
As if on cue Jane walked through the door and sat down in the chair next to mine.

Chapter two
The Consultant.
“Hi!” he said grinning, “I’m Patrick Jane, Consultant.” He stuck out his hand and she surprisingly shook it without a snort or comment.
Even the cold hearted devil falls under his spell.
He wore his signature three piece suit. His curly blonde hair and cheerful blue eyes made him look strong and friendly at the same time. No one had eyes like he did. They were filled with happiness and curiosity, often too much curiosity. But sorrow and pain hid behind them; his glowing smile completed the armor.
No one ever knew what he was feeling. He had a well built body, with a smooth tenor voice.
He pulled off his blazer and hung it on the back or his chair. Pulling together his vest he looked over at his new project with great interest.
Randy smiled flirtatiously back at him. “How come I haven’t seen you yet?” She asked running her fingers through her hair.
Jane pretended to not notice her remark.
“Why do you actually hate these dead girls?” he asked, pausing to look at her expression, then he began again. “Being a dumb ***** is not a good reason to kill someone. I quite frankly think you guys would get along well.” He shrugged his shoulders and grinned.
“You’re right,” she pursed her lips and twirled her hair around her finger.
“Like duh,” he mimicked her preppy voice. She turned up her nose and sat up straight. A large smile grew on his lips. “Why did you kill them?” Jane asked pressing for a proper answer.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she hissed leaning forward in her chair. Her eyes darted over to my note pad. So far my notes consisted of rubbish.
“Yes we would like to know,”I growled.
“I know why!” Blondie shot up his hand and I fought the urge to roll my eyes.
Randy glared coldly at him. “Mr.Consultant.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm. “I highly doubt you know anything at all.” Oh dear.
Looking over at Jane he seemed not to be offended by her comment. Nothing really fazed him when it came to his mega ego. “You would like to think that wouldn’t you to make yourself feel safe. Well you aren’t. You will tell me everything. You can’t help it.”
Randy flinched. “I didn’t shoot them,” she said under her breath.
“Who said they were shot?” countered Jane raising his eyebrows. A smiled played at his lips. Jane was right. No one at the school had been told how the girls were killed.
“Everyone knows they were shot.” she spat as if it was an obvious fact. She had her brows furrowed together in anger. She had finally lost the battle of control with her emotions.
“Who is everyone?” Jane asked as he leaned into the table. His eyes danced with self satisfaction.
“I don’t know… people,” she snorted. The flirting had been turned off and her body was ridged with anger.
“Then how do you know that everyone knows,” Jane taunted her. He was really enjoying himself and so was I.
Randy frowned. “Stop it.”
“Stop what?” He asked trying to look innocent. He couldn’t contain himself, he laughed. Bad move.
She reached over and punched him in the nose without warning. Jane hunched over and grabbed the bridge of his nose. I found myself fending off the thrashing girl, as she lashed out at Jane. It was quite difficult since I was across the table from her.
Rigsby charged in and slammed her against the back wall. She cussed and kicked at him with all her might.
Blood soaked though Jane’s fingers and made droplets on the floor. “I think it’s broken,” he whined.
Rigsby pushed Randy into her chair. She now had cuffs on and looked disappointed with the fact.
Rigsby smiled at Jane. He had a massive German type build. This had made the struggle between him and Randy quick. His 6’4 stood high over my lousy 5’10. I never liked my small Asian build.
I looked over at Jane, even though he was in pain he slapped a smile on his face.
“Can’t go a day without getting beat up,” Rigsby chuckled. Countless times Jane had guns, knives and fists head towards him.
His whole I’m smarter then you attitude usually brought it on. We had all saved him numerous times; it seemed that he never learned from his mistakes. He always had to have the last word and this ticked most people off.
Rigsby ran a nervous hand through his short brown hair. He had chosen a spot leaning against the wall behind Randy. He puffed up his muscular chest to make himself look intimidating. His soft brown eyes worked against him though. They looked as though they belonged to a puppy dog. He had a dynamic personality and almost everyone liked him.
Jane finished nursing his nose with a tissue and had managed not to get any blood on himself.
Randy looked at Jane like he was a total wimp. “If you have nothing else worth saying, I’d like to leave now.” She clinked her cuffs together.
“You just assaulted Mr. Jane. You get to stay a lot longer now, than you had hoped.”
“Where is my lawyer? I’m not saying another word 'til one gets here.”
I felt bad for her. Her parents didn’t even come to see their child get interrogated. They had left her on her own. They hadn’t even bothered to get her a lawyer. Van Pelt had informed me earlier that they were busy working. Her tone had suggested that she had very little faith in their word.
I liked Van Pelt. She didn’t seem to have much baggage following her, unlike Lisbon and Jane. Her light hearted tomboyish way made her easy to work with.
“Stuck in traffic,” Jane said flashing a smirk at her. He was lying. We hadn’t even called a lawyer for her.
She looked like she believed him.
He began talking again. “I know you killed them. You killed them because they were trying to take over your little empire and they were succeeding.” He paused vaguely to look at her. Her eyes were locked cold with his.
He took this as though he was on the right track. “Jealousy is a bummer,” he chuckled.
Rigsby stifled a laugh. Randy whirled around and her eyes glistened with hatred. Rigsby's soft brown eyes widened and he shifted his weight from foot to foot. Poor Rigsby had devil girl out to get him.

Chapter 3
Lies always lead back to the truth
“Your friends gave you up pretty fast,” I pointed out.
“Friends,” she scoffed, “I don’t need them.”
I highly doubted this, since she probably thrived on them. She looked like the type of person to use someone then kick them to the curb when she was done with them. It didn’t take someone like Jane, to see it.
“Yah!” Jane said agreeing with her. “You are a smart girl. Why would you need brainless girls like that? They were trying to take over, they had to go.” He shrugged his shoulders and sympathized with her. His comforting voice didn’t match his mischievous smile that he couldn’t seem to wipe off his face.
Jane was pretending to be on Randy’s side to get a confession. She seemed to buy it.
“I had made them so popular and how did they repay me?” she sneered. “They traipsed around the school and spread rumors about me. No one spreads rumors about me.” Her voice shook with anger. “They were so jealous of me. They tried to steal my spot light. No one will ever try to again.” Her once bright eyes had clouded over to become as dark as her voice.
“I killed them,” she ended simply.
“I never doubted you,” mumbled Patrick under his breath. Randy’s lips curdled up into a smile.
“They were planning on ruining my reputation by telling the principal that I had cheated on my final, to get me expelled,” she sniggered with sudden delight. “So this morning, I came to school real early, so I would catch them in Jessica’s car. They car pooled together every day. I shot them just after they got out of the car and were walking to the school. It was so easy.” She paused and closed her eyes.
Jane’s expression had turned grave and his face no longer wore a smile.
“And now I’m the best.” She exhaled and opened her eyes. Her smile was pure evil. What a psycho.
Jane looked at me and nodded his head. He seemed to be agreeing with me that she was indeed a psycho.
“I hoped I was wrong, but I never am,” he frowned absently at the table as he spoke.
“Sucks to be you,” she replied saucily.
“On the contrary.” He raised his eyebrows at her. “I’m not the one going to jail – sucks to be you.” He paused as he stood up and pulled on his blazer. He grinned at her. Randy’s eyebrows were furred together and her lips were pulled tight.
Jane was lucky she had cuffs on. She looked like she may explode.
He opened the door of the room, turned around again and waved goodbye and left through the door.
I flipped closed my notepad and motioned for Rigsby to follow me.
“You just can’t leave me in here,” she shouted at us.
“Actually we can. It has air conditioning,”I stated.
Her eyes burned with fear for the first time. Rigsby sauntered out of the door.
I rolled my eyes at her. “Your lawyer will be here soon.” I closed the door behind me.
Rigsby stood a few paces in front of the door grinning wolfishly. We started walking towards the bull pen.
“Good job.” He said patting me on the back. I wanted to slug him in the shoulder. Jane had taken over.
It didn’t bother me too much that he did. Let's face it I was getting nowhere.
“You too. Restraining a 16 year old is a huge accomplishment.”
“Did you see her?!” He said raising his voice an octave. “Jane woulda gotten a real beating out of that girl,” he chuckled. I smirked remembering the thrashing girl.
“Yah, he’s lucky wonder woman came to the rescue.” He hated it when people bugged him about his masculinity.
He sniffed and discarded the comment.
We walked through the double doors of the bull pen. Jane was not there which surprised me. I had half expected him to be flopped out on his couch.
I looked at Rigsby and he shrugged his shoulders. He went and sat at his desk facing mine. Our desks were pulled up together so we could talk without disturbing the team.
Jane’s couch was behind Rigsby, pushed up against the wall. Jane often ”slept” with his head on the arm closest to us so he could listen to our conversations.
On the other end of the couch was Van Pelt’s pristine desk.
Lisbon’s office was around the corner in an enclosed space, since she was the boss, but most of the time she chose to sit in a desk a few meters away from Van Pelt’s. I sat down at my desk and scoffed.
Jane had a whole new boat load of papers for me to fill out.
Rigsby looked up and chuckled at me.
I could hear the “clip clop” of heels coming down the hallway. Lisbon walked in flanked by Van Pelt. Lisbon was the shortest of the team and many people found it hard to believe that she was the boss. She had shoulder length brown hair and bright green eyes and always played by the book. She had a serious voice but was usually kind to the members of the team, although she scared everyone at times.
Well except for Jane. He enjoyed making her mad.
Van Pelt who was following Lisbon had a firey personality but was probably the most caring person on the team. She liked to make sure we were all eating properly and that we were all okay if somthing bad happened. She was also absolutley stunning, but she had to work the hardest since she was still the rookie. Lisbon often had her glued to a laptop looking up information about people, while the rest of us were at the crime scene or talking to suspects. Van Pelt walked by and Rigsby looked up at her.
She smiled at him and blushed. Her natural red hair fell in front of her face when she looked down at her feet. Everyone knew they were in love with each other.
It had been proven when Rigsby was under hypnosis and Jane had told him to do anything he wanted. Rigsby had proceeded to walk over and kiss her.
Van pelt sat at her desk and started to look up a lawyer for Randy in the computer system.
Lisbon sat at her desk by Van Pelt. “Nice job boys,” she told Rigsby and I.
“Thanks boss,” Rigsby grinned with pride.
“Thanks,” I said flatly.
“Does anyone know where Jane is?” asked Van Pelt.
“Who cares?” countered Lisbon. She and Jane had a love hate relationship.
“He should be here,” Rigsby said standing up for Van Pelt. As usual. “Normally he would be prancing around the office.” He sniggered at the thought.
“Closed case doughnuts!” A voice rang through the building.
Lisbon groaned.
A second later Jane walked into the room carrying a box of doughnuts over his head.
He strode over to Lisbon and got down on one knee and opened the lid for her to choose the first doughnut.
“Is this really necessary?” She sighed picking up one with chocolate icing.
“Of course it is, it's a new tradition I’m starting darling,” beamed Jane. Lisbon glared at him. She didn’t like being called pet names by Jane. He stood up and walked towards us. Rigsby reached out for a doughnut excitedly.
Jane pulled it away and kept walking. “Ladies first,” he said as he bent down on one knee and offered doughnuts to Van Pelt. Jane looked over his shoulder at Rigsby and shook his head pretending to be disappointed in him. Van Pelt rolled her eyes at Jane and took one with sprinkles. Jane looked slightly surprised that she took one. Van Pelt was the health nut on the team and was constantly telling Rigsby to eat healthier.
“Thanks,” she mumbled.
“You're very welcome my lady,” Jane said casting a grin in Rigsby's direction. He walked over to us. I hoped silently that he wouldn’t get down on one knee.
“Don’t Fret Cho,” he chuckled, holding the box in the middle of our desks.
“I wasn’t,” I grumped. Jane raised his eyebrows tauntingly.
“Fine I was,” I muttered.
Rigsby picked out the largest doughnut. “Thanks man.” Rigsby said cheerfully. I grabbed one and he went into the kitchen and put the rest away. Rigsby looked disappointed at this. I guessed he wanted more.
Jane came back and walked over to my desk and perched himself on the corner of it. I looked up at him blankly. “Yes?”
“Your disappointed you didn’t crack her?” he declared, “and that I did.”
“Yeah so!”
“Just wanted to say, good job.” He smiled warmly at me and didn’t get up. I kept staring at him with my poker face. I knew he had more to say.
“That’s all,” he said shrugging his shoulders.
“I’m serious!” He said still sitting on my desk. A Machiavellian smile played at his lips. I looked at him waiting to get up. “Well, say thank you at least.” He burst out into a full faced grin.
“You really think this works two ways?”
“Of course it does. I wouldn’t be sitting here if it didn’t.” He countered. I looked across the table at Rigsby. He shrugged his shoulders and held his lips tight to keep from laughing at me. Oh the irony.
“Thanks,” I muttered. Jane's face lit up.
He patted my back. “Doesn’t that feel better?”
I glowered at him. “Yeah, never better,” I said sarcastically.
“I knew it would,” he smiled sincerely at me and finally hoped up off my desk. He laid down the worn tan leather couch. He folded his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

Chapter 4
Tooth fairies and Lawyers
An hour later we were all still sitting at our desks filling out our reports.
Well except for Jane, who was laying down sleeping, except all of us (the team) knew he wasn’t. He had insomnia and spent most of his nights sleeping on his couch here. No one was quite sure why, but I figured it was because he dreaded going home to the house where his wife and child were killed. I wanted to ask him why he never moved, but he never talked about it and if it was ever brought up he would get extremely upset. He hid his pain well with smiles and jokes.
“Cho quit staring at me,” he said without turning around. He sounded frusturated, I guessed it was because he couldn’t get to sleep.
“Who said I was looking at you?”
“The tooth fairy,” he chuckled keeping his eyes closed.
“Mhmm,” I mused.
Suddenly a man with a suit and tie walked in. He appeared to be on a mission. He was tall and had a cross look on his face. He had brilliant blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
“Patrick Jane!” He demanded standing in the middle of the room. Jane's eyes flung open and he sat up abruptly.
“Can I help you sir?” asked Lisbon.
“Are you Patrick Jane?” he asked shrewdly. I guessed that this was Randy’s lawyer. May be her parents didn’t want a scandal like this getting into the papers.
“No…” Lisbon began but Jane interrupted.
“I am,” Jane said putting up his hand and waving at him. The man walked over to Jane pointing at his face.
“What makes you think you can interrogate an underage suspect without a lawyer present!”
Jane looked dauntingly at him. “What makes you think you van come in here and point your narcissistic finger at me?” he countered smiling.
“I could have your badge for that!” he hissed.
Jane shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t have one,” he smirked watching the lawyer's face go from disdain to anger.
“Who the hell are you then?!” he asked, clearly confused.
“Patrick Jane,” he stuck out his hand. “Consultant.” The man glared at his hand and refused to shake it.
“I would like to see her written confession,” he fumed.
“Okay, let’s go Mr. Watson,” Jane said promptly.
Chapter 5
Conflict of Views
Jane jumped up and strolled out of the room and into the hallway.
Watson looked confused for a second. He couldn’t seem to understand how Jane knew his name, he decided it didn’t matter and had to jog after him to keep up.
Lisbon motioned for us to follow. Rigsby, Van Pelt and I shrugged our shoulders and got up. We walked into the hallway, just as Jane came out of the interrogation room holding a few papers.
“There you are,” Jane plopped the papers into his hands. “All better now?” He asked in a patronizing tone. He patted him on the shoulder and smiled at him. Mr. Watson scoffed at him and shrugged off his hand. “Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Jane chuckled. Lisbon glared at him and he just smiled back at her. Watson looked up from the papers glaring. “You got a problem buddy?” Watson asked folding the confession under his arm. He took a few steps towards Jane and puffed up his toned chest. Jane put up his hands and backed away from him. His eyes were wide and his fight or flight instinct had kicked in.
“Mr. Watson I’ll ask you to take a step back from Mr. Jane,” ordered Lisbon as she walked towards them.
“Oh leave him alone,” Jane said as he waved away Lisbon. “He just got divorced.” Mr. Watson’s went rigid and stepped away from Jane.
“How did you know that?” He asked through his teeth. Jane crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked proudly at Lisbon.
“It’s obvious,” Jane stated shrugging his shoulders.
“Really?” Watson asked frowning.
“Yup!” Jane said plainly. Lisbon Scoffed and rolled her eyes. “You carry yourself like you are trying to make up for something.” As Jane was speaking I noticed Watson’s ring finger. It had a faint tan line, where a wedding ring had once been. Talk about obvious. “She served you, didn’t she?” Jane pressed.
“No,” Retorted Watson his voice wavering. “We decided together.”
“Oh yes, of course! That’s what you want people to think,” Jane chuckled light heartedly. "Don’t bother lying to me Mr. Watson.” Jane turned around and started walking towards the bull pen. “Oh one more thing!” Jane twirled around pointing at him. “She works in this building doesn’t she?” Jane studied his face and smiled. “Knew it!” He exclaimed. “That would explain the particularly bad mood you're in doesn’t it?” His eyebrows raised dauntingly.
Watson suddenly lunged towards him.
“GO JANE!” Demanded Lisbon. Jane's eyes widened with fear and he scampered down the hall towards the bull pen. Rigsby and I took off after Watson down the hallway.
Rigsby’s great athletic stride overtook Watson easily. Rigsby grabbed the collar of his blazer and threw him backwards towards the ground. He hit the ground on his back. Watson roared and pounded the ground on either side of him.
I could hear the heavy breaths of Jane down the hall. Watson stopped pounding on the ground and pushed himself up. He glared at Rigsby who stood proudly with his arms crossed over his chest beside him.
Van Pelt and Lisbon walked up. Lisbon took charge immediately.
“Jane get over here!” She ordered across the hallway.
“But he was going to kill me!” he smiled, one thing many girls couldn’t pass up.
“Good, now get over here!” she couldn’t help but hide a smile.
“Say please?”
Jane skipped over like a proud two year old. Watson gritted his teeth.
“Jane I would like you to say sorry to Mr.Watson.” Jane grinned. There was no way she was getting an apology out of him, with out kicking and screaming. Jane folded his hands behind his back and looked into the air.
He pretended to be very interested in a passer by. The man was about thrity five and had short cropped brown hair. He stood about six feet and had menacing green eyes. As he left Jane's eyes lit up with a plan.
Oh dear…
“Now he is a looker! Lisbon He would be great for you!” Lisbon's face burned red with humiliation. “I’ll go get his number for you!” he pointed at Lisbon, his eyes were dancing. Before I could grab him he took off down the hallway yelling “Sir, sir? May I speak with you for a moment?” He rounded a corner out of sight.
Lisbon stood rooted to the ground unable to speak.
Finally, she came to her senses “I apologize on behalf of the CBI for the actions of Mr. Patrick Jane.”
Watson snorted. “That's all well and good, but letting your agents run their mouth off like that! You should be ashamed.” He brushed himself off and sneered. Lisbon threw her game face on.
She pulled her lips together and glared at him. Rigsby who was beside me looked worriedly at me. “Mr. Jane is a highly remarkable member of the California Bureau of Investigation. It is you who should be ashamed, threatening a member of a police unit. Now- I will ask you nicely to leave.” She crossed her arms across her chest. Mr. Watson glowered at her. “Fine.” He pushed past me. As he rounded the corner Rigsby sighed with relief. “Nice job boss!” he chuckled. “You showed him!” He patted me on the shoulders. “Had us worried for a second.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Go find Jane,” she ordered. “So I can yell at him 'til his ears bleed,” she mumbled under her breath. Good old Lisbon.

Chapter 6
Baby Sitter
We all walked down the hallway and into the bull pen. None of us went to find Jane because we figured he would be back soon. Sure enough he walked in waving a small stick it note. “Got it!” He said in a sing song voice.
“Give it to me now,” hissed Lisbon. “So I can throw it out!”
“Tisk, tisk, tisk Lisbon!” he chided. “It’s not for you.”
“Oh I understand,” she smiled widely, nodding. “You fancy men now.” Rigsby and Van Pelt laughed.
“Oh no my love. This-“ He paused waving the number in front of her face. “Is for Van Pelt.” Van Pelt's eyes widened as Jane swept over to her and stuck it on her computer screen. She flushed beet red.
Rigsby glared and turned his attention to the report he was filling out. “Bastard!” I could hear him mumble.
“Jane it is not your business to meddle in people's love lives,” growled Lisbon.
“Why not?” asked Jane shrugging his shoulders, “I see no problem with it.”
“Clearly.” she retorted. I gave a small smile; Van Pelt was still blushing, and fingering the phone number shyly.
Jane winked at Van Pelt, “What did you think of him?” he asked.
“Jane you’re impossible,” Lisbon hissed. Jane shrugged, and kept on smiling.
“I told him, you would call him.”
Rigsby leaned over on to his elbows and his small desk gave a defeated groan.
“I don’t know Jane...,” she said shaking her head.
The intercom interrupted her. “Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt go to Minelli’s office, please.” Jane had a smug looking smile on his face. He didn’t have to go. The announcer began again. “JAne as well.” The lady sounded annoyed on the intercom.
Jane frowned slightly.
“Let’s go.,” Lisbon sighed getting up, “and be on your best behavior.”

“It’s like getting in trouble with the headmaster,” chuckled Rigsby. “So intense!” he whispered to me as we walked into Minelli’s office.
Jane, who was behind us chuckled at his remark.
Van Pelt slugged him lightly on the arm, he let out a little “Ouch!” Lisbon looked over her shoulder and glared at us.
We walked into Minelli’s office. He was sitting in his desk with his hands folded over the case papers. He had an old style Italian look to him. His face had weathered a lot over the last couple of years
“Minelli, let me explain...,” began Lisbon.
“Explain what?” he fumed.
“The fact that one of our more or less insane consultants gets punched daily and sued and has no moral respect!”
Jane simply shrugged his shoulders, and gave a “woops” face.
“Now Jane… please tell my why I shouldn’t fire you,” growled Minelli.
“Minelli, Jane is very sorry for this misunderstanding; I will make sure he won’t do it again,” Lisbon stated.
“I’m sure you will Lisbon. But as of now, Jane will be under supervision for the next week.Another CBI agent will be shadowing him.”
“Minelli, I’m sure it's not necessary to supervise Jane,” Lisbon declared.
“Lisbon hush,” Jane calmly said. “Who will be babysitting?” he asked.
“Brian Bass will be supervising, he should be here any minute,” Minelli answered.
“Mhmmm,” hummed Jane, the corners of his lips slightly pulled up into a smile. “A very authoritative name. Bass… yes rich, I may assume. But Brain, is such a kind name. I’m guessing his mother picked it out for him. His Father must be the Bass figure head in the family. Should be fun…”
There was a faint knock at the door. Rigsby started for the door but Jane scooted in front of him and flung it open.
A man stood there blushing slightly. He casually walked into the room and stood beside Minelli’s desk. His light brown hair was cropped short, his etched cheek bones lined his masculine face, and his sharp sky blue eyes danced around the room. He was wearing dark wash blue jeans, and a tight fitting T shirt that showed off a toned surfing body. I shifted my weight from foot to foot. I felt miniscule in front of him. He was about six foot. Even Rigsby was itching with envy.
“Hi I’m Brian,” he spoke with a thick Californian accent, smiling warmly at us.
“Hi I’m Teresa Lisbon,” she reached out and shook his hand. “This is Cho, Rigsby, Van Pelt and of course Patrick Jane.” Lisbon grimaced at his name.
Jane chuckled and pretended to be flattered.
“Nice to meet you all,” Brian said smiling again.
“Yes very nice. Now go run along. I’ll be expecting a sparkling report at the end of the week Mr. Jane,” Minelli eyed him.

“So Mr.Bass…,” Jane began when we got back into the bull pen. He flopped lazily down on his couch. Everyone took their seats, and began working again on their paper work.
“Yeah?” Brian responded sitting down at a vacant desk.
"Do people tell you that you look more like your dad, or your mom?”
His brow furred. “My Dad I guess,” he grunted closing his right hand into a fist in his lap.
Jane raised his eyebrows, “And you don’t like this because?”
Bass dismissed the comment and pulled out his blackberry. Jane sat up on his couch.
Why did you take this job?” he pried.
“Because I have heard all about you and your antics and I was looking for a change.” He shrugged his shoulders and blushed slightly.
“And why...” Jane continued, but Bass cut him off.
“My turn to ask you a question,” Brian smiled widely.
“Good luck,” Lisbon mumbled under her breath. Jane sat up on his couch and smiled at Lisbon, appreciative as always, of her ready wit.
Brian smiled at him and clicked open and closed his Rolex watch.
“Where did you learn your so called mentalist tricks,” he shrugged, “That is what they call you around here, isn't it?”
“What do you mean by so called tricks? I am a master of mind games!” Jane sang as he bounded off of his couch, his voice ringing with his showman's qualities. His face became serious, as if in deep concentration. “May I see your watch.”
Bass frowned unhappily but unclipped the watch and gave it to Jane.
Jane fingered the watch's face tenderly. “This is a very nice watch, pick your favorite number from one to twelve,” Jane asked as he pulled up a chair opposite Bass.
Jane leaned closer to Bass, and held up the watch two feet away from his face. “Listen,” He said soothingly. “You can hear the faint ticking. Every tick and every tock makes your eyelids heavier. Tick Tock. They weigh down so much that they feel like a ton of bricks. Tick tock.” Brian looked tired and weary. His eyelids were drooping shut, and every muscle in his body was relaxed now.
“When I tap you on the shoulder your eyes will close and you will sink further into a state of relaxation.” Jane leaned over slowly and tapped Bass on the shoulder quickly. He closed his eyes. Jane turned around and smiled at us. Lisbon glared furiously back at him.
“Wicked!” giggled Rigsby.
“Yeah it’s pretty cool,” I said in my usual monotone way, whilst watching Brian closely.
“Now Brian,” Jane said. “What is your favorite number?”
“Eight.” He mumbled.
“Good,” praised Jane. “Now you will forget that number, when I tap you twice, on the arm.” He leaned over and tapped him on the arm twice. “Open your eyes now!” commanded Jane, Bass opened his eyes and looked at Jane normally.
“How are you feeling Brian?” asked Jane.
“Fine… why do you care?” Bass questioned Jane.
“Oh no reason.” He smiled deviously at him. “Do you mind counting Lisbon’s fingers for me? Just a small favor.”
“Sure, I guess.” Bass walked over to Lisbon. She held out her hands and he counted aloud.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, ten, eleven.” He pointed to each finger then looked back up at Jane.
“Are you happy?” he said sarcastically.
“Delighted. But she doesn’t have eleven fingers.” Jane pointed out with glee.
“Of course not! She has ten,” huffed Bass. Jane walked over to Lisbon’s desk.
“May I?” he asked. Lisbon held out her hands. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.” Jane waggled his eyebrows at Bass.
“Let me try again,” growled Bass, stepping back over to Lisbon. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, ten, eleven.” He frowned looking confused. “But how…”

Chapter 7
I laughed silently at Bass, his face was pulled tightly together with concentration. He couldn’t figure out how Jane had simply made him forget the number eight. “You're pretty good,” laughed Bass.
“Yeah you should've seen what he did to Lisbon the other day,” I stated smiling slightly.
“What did you do?” asked Lisbon, looking horrified.
“Don’t worry about it Teresa. We have a guest.” Jane smiled pointing to Bass, who blushed in return.
Lisbon glared dangerously at him. “Don’t tell me what, not to worry about,” she mumbled under her breath defensively.
“So Bass, it’s my turn again,” Jane announced.
“Shoot,” he said leaning back in his chair.
“What is your favorite kind of tea?”
“I’m not a fan of tea,” he replied.
“Well we will sure have to change that won’t we!” Jane stood up and strolled out of the room.
“Get me a cup!” called Rigsby.
“Where is he going?” asked Bass as he stood up to follow Jane.
“Don’t worry. He is just going to get some poison out of the kitchen to feed you,” I said.
Bass's eyes widened, “What?”
"I'm joking!"
"Oh!" he mumbled.
Jane returned holding a cup, he handed it to Bass.
“I don't want any, thanks,” he said.
“If you don’t want it, I’ll have it,” Rigsby said enthusiastically. Bass brought the cup to his nose and smelled the tea.
“Sure here you go.” He held the cup far away from him. Jane looked unimpressed."You aren't even going to try it?" Puffed Jane. "Nope."
"Why not?" He pressed.
“Jane, the man doesn’t want the tea. Hand it over here!” Rigsby said growing angry.
“I’ll make you a pot tomorrow Rigsby,” replied Jane. Rigsby smiled and returned to work.
“You don’t even want to try it?” Jane smiled. Bass smiled back.
“Maybe if you behave this week. I’ll try it. Just for you.” Jane gave him a cracked smile. “Oh you don’t have to do that for me. Do it for yourself.”
“Okay, I will… at the end of the week.” He turned around and sat back at his new desk. I was really beginning to like this guy.

I have finished writing this fanfiction, thank you for all of your support, Comment at the bottom

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