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The Mentalist Quote:
Cho: Mr. Machado! Ben Machado!
Ben Machado: Come any closer and I'll shoot you! And I will shoot to kill.
Cho: Mr Machado, we're police! This is the police.
Ben Machado: Lemme see a badge!
Grace: I'm showing the badge, don't shoot.
Ben Machado: Damn. Okay, don't shoot!
Cho: Turn around.
Ben Machado: I didn't know you guys were cops.
Kimball Cho: What, you thought we were selling magazine subscriptions?
The Mentalist Quote:
Trey: Ben's our go-to guy in Marquesa.
Ben: He just means I'm the only real estate agent around here who takes his commission in fertilizer and chickens.
The Mentalist Quote:
Rigsby: Van Pelt?
Grace: Yes?
Rigsby: Grace, that's a lovely name. Grace, hmm.
Grace: Uhhhh....
Rigsby: I've been wanting to say something to you for ages now. I think now is a good time 'cause I nearly died. I love you, Grace.
Grace puts her fingers in her ears and starts to hum.
Rigsby: Are you okay?
Grace: Yes.
Rigsby: Why you making that noise?
Grace: It's not that I don't like you. I do. It's just... we work together and there are rules. And if we were to... get together, one of us would have to leave the unit and I'm junior agent, so that would be me. And this job is so important to me, I just... (she notices that Rigsby has fallen asleep.)
Cho: Hey, do you wanna go to work or do you wanna play nurse for King Tut?
Grace: Work. Definitely work
The Mentalist Quote:
Ben: Someone's framing me.
Kimball: Somebody framed you for shooting at us, Mr. Machado? Because from where I stood, sure looked like you.
Ben: That was a misunderstanding. I didn't know who you guys were. I was defending myself.
Kimball: Really? From whom?
Ben: From someone trying to kill me. Just like they killed Rich and tried to kill Trey.
Kimball: And why would you be next on someone's "To Burn"-list?
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: Where do you get off giving orders in the first place? I say who goes and who stays, not you.
Patrick: Well, that's, uh, fiery but calm. Very good. Why don't you try it with a more forceful gesture like... (he demonstrates...) I say who goes and who stays, not you.
Teresa: I'm serious.
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: Are you ready?
Teresa: Yes.
Patrick: Feeling awake and mentally alert?
Teresa: Yes.
Patrick: Fantastic. Okay, I want you to imagine a screen between you and I. On that screen I want you to project a basic shape, like a square, but not a square. Got it?
Teresa: Okay.
Patrick: Lock it in. Now I want you to project another shape and put that shape around the shape you already have.
Teresa: Okay.
Patrick: Excellent. Here's the fun part. Now concentrate and project that onto the back of my mind. Look right here, open up your mind and send it to me. Okay, now I'm starting to feel it. It's a triangle inside a circle.
Teresa: Nope.
Patrick: It's not?
Teresa: No. I was thinking of an octagon inside a rectangle.
Patrick: Liar.
Teresa: Alright. Alright, you got me.
Grace: Pretty good, huh? He got me and Rigsby the same way.
Teresa: How did you do that?
Patrick: Oh, that's nothing. That's just the calibration key to real mind-reading. Now I have to access all of your innermost thoughts.
Teresa: Yeah, right.
Patrick: I'm serious.
Teresa: Okay. So what am I thinking right now?
Patrick: You're thinking, I'm so glad Jane is joking around and he can't actually read my mind.
Teresa: No. Well, actually yes, but not for the reason you think.
Patrick: What reason do I think?
Teresa: Never you mind.
Rigsby: You're blushing.
Patrick: You are blushing.
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick (running from the burning barn): That was close. Where were you guys?
Wayne: We called in to check on a lead.
Cho: Yeah, Lisbon didn't know that you were about to pull an idiotic stunt. Sorry.
Patrick: Oh. No hard feelings.
The Mentalist Quote:
Rigsby: Hey. Check out Dr. Van Pelt.
Teresa: Here's that mango crap you like.
Patrick: How are you feeling?
Rigsby: Took some kick-ass pain killers, man. I guess this lets Pillar out as a suspect, huh?
Teresa: Yep. Especially since the doctors at the burn unit found tranquilisers in his system. He told them he woke up with smoke and fire all around him.
Patrick: Interesting new level of cruelty. Dosing someone so they wake up just in time to burn alive.
Cho: Hey, it's the mummy. So the fire at Pillar's house: same m.o. as the one that killed Rich Garcia. Accelerant's Ethyl Ether. That's a signature. Tricky stuff to work with, too. Takes skill, finesse.
Teresa: Why don't you go see what Susan Garcia has to say about all this?
Cho: Okay.
Teresa: (To Patrick) And let's you and me check out this Alton's Grove place where Dave Martin died.
Rigsby: Oh, the mummy! I get it! Bandages!
Teresa: And no more pain killers for him!
The Mentalist Quote:
Tommy: You don't smoke cigarettes, do you?
Teresa: No.
Tommy: Oh, that's good. Dave did and he got burned up on accident.
Teresa: Did you see it?
Tommy: No, I was at the hospital 'cuz my appendix busted. Do you wanna see my scar?
Teresa: No. No, but I'm sure Mr. Jane would love to.
The Mentalist Quote:
Unknown Voice: Machado! Ben Machado! Are you ready to die?
Ben Machado: What the hell is going on?
Patrick: Oh dear.
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: If he's in here, how's the killer going to get to him?
Teresa: He could be the killer. Even if he's not, we don't want the killer to get him.
Patrick: Yes we do. Machado is our bait, he's our tethered goat.
Teresa: And too bad if the bait gets killed?
Patrick: Well, yes. That's why you use goats and not babies or virgins, for that matter.
Teresa: Machado's not a goat.
Patrick: Well you're right. He's not actually a goat. He's goatish. He deserves to suffer a little.
Teresa: Nobody deserves murder.
Patrick: Machado helped burn Dave Martin alive out of greed.
Teresa: Jane, we're officers of the law.
Patrick: You are. I don't care about the law. I care about justice. And justice says Machado deserves to suffer.
Teresa: That's not justice. It's vengeance.
Patrick: What's the difference?
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: We never discussed this because I thought it went without saying, but when I catch Red John I'm gonna cut him open and watch him die slowly like he did with my wife and child. Now if you have a problem with that we should talk.
Teresa: Then let's talk. Because when we catch Red John, we are going to take him into custody and he's going to be tried in a court of law.
Patrick: Not if I'm still breathing.
Teresa: If you try and do violence to him, I will try and stop you. If you succeed in doing violence to him, I will arrest you.
Patrick: I understand.
Teresa: I hope so.
Patrick: Well, I'm glad we talked. I had no idea you were so bourgeois and conventional on the issue.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: So?
Patrick: So.
Teresa: Seems like this whole thing changed your mind about vengeance.
Patrick: Has it?
Teresa (quoting Patrick): Revenge is for fools and madmen.
Patrick: Yeah. That was rather good, I thought. Total nonsense, but quite good nonetheless.
Teresa looks sceptical.
The Mentalist Quote:
Cho: What do you want us to do with Machado, boss?
Teresa: Let him go.
Cho: Really? Let him go, let him go?
Teresa: Really. Like that.
Cho: OK.
Patrick: Trying some reverse psychology?
Teresa: You talk tough. Maybe it's time you learned that there's consequences. If Machado gets hurt, it's on you.
Patrick: Fine with me.
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The Mentalist Quote:
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The Mentalist Quote:

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