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The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: (upon seeing Patrick at work when he should be in the hospital) What the hell?
Patrick: Oh, doctor's orders. She said that this was the best thing for me to do, get back to work.
Teresa: She did not! She said that you insulted the entire ward and were a complete pain in the ass!
Teresa: So, you can't do that!
Patrick: Well, what was I supposed to do, just sit there and listen to television? Besides, the food was terrible.
Teresa: You need the rest.
Patrick: I need to work.
Teresa: You're blind.
Patrick: It's no problem, honestly. My other senses are heightened. They're super heightened! I'm like Daredevil! Now if you'll excuse me.
(He starts to walk away)
Teresa: Okay.
Patrick: Okay.
(He walks into a pole.)
Patrick: Yep, heightened!
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: 'You're next' was written on the man's forehead.
Teresa: Why?
Patrick: I don't know why! (Teresa looks at him with a concerned expression.)
Teresa: You're going to be fine.
Patrick: Yeah, probably.
Teresa: We're going to find who did this.
Patrick: Good. (Teresa and Cho look at each other.) Oh, please don't look at each other like that.
Teresa: Like what?! You can't see.
Patrick: I can feel. I can feel your pity.
Teresa: Oh please, will you stop. We'll be back.
The Mentalist Quote:
(Teresa pinches Patrick on the arm and he yelps.)
Teresa: I'll do worse if you don't stop mouthing off to people who are trying to help you! (Cho comes in.)
Patrick (muttering): Pinched me!
Cho: How is he?
Teresa: Guess what? He's a bad patient.
Cho: Who'd have thought?
Patrick: I'm not a bad patient, she's a bad visitor.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: Jane?
Patrick: Whoa, that was loud. That scared me!
The Mentalist Quote:
(Teresa is about to leave the building and go home. She spots Patrick through a window and stops. She then slowly walks toward him, watching him remove the gauze bags from his eyes. He blinks a few times and sees a blurry Teresa. He blinks a few more times and sees Teresa in front of him, looking curious. Patrick smiles. She smiles back and walks to him.)
Patrick: Oh, you have no notion of how good it is to see your face, Rigsby.
Teresa: (sounding and looking genuinely hurt) Rigsby?
(He stares at her, then smiles.)
Patrick: Ahhhh? Ha ha!
Teresa: Oh, ho ho ho, funny!
(He shrugs modestly.)
The Mentalist Quote:
(Teresa and Rigsby arrive at a club where a suspect is working. Music thumps in the background. They go to the front of the line.)
Gay bouncer: (to Teresa) You, Little Miss Fierce, can come in. Lose the back up dancer. He's too, too butch.
Teresa: (shows him her badge) Get lost, Fluffy.
The Mentalist Quote:
Rigsby: (to Dan, Grace's new boyfriend) I don't know you, Dan. Maybe you are a nice guy. I hope so. I don't know. 'Cause if you ever hurt Grace Van Pelt, I will find you and I will cause you pain. Because she means a lot the unit. So, you treat her right, okay?
The Mentalist Quote:
Rigsby: Jane, I need to ask you a favour. I need you to find out from Van Pelt about this guy she is dating. You know, what's the score?
Jane: The score?
Rigsby: Is it serious? Are know.
Jane: Ask her yourself.
Rigsby: Yeah, right. No, come on. You know the situation. It's against the rules, relationships between co-workers.
Jane: What are you? A man or a mouse?
Rigsby: A man...obviously.
Jane: Could have fooled me.
Rigsby: If it's that guy from payroll, I will kill him.
Jane: Well, that would be a strong romantic statement. Women like a man that would kill for them. Hey! Van Pelt!
Rigsby: Don't!
Jane: What? Trust me. Honesty is better.
Van Pelt (approaches them): What's up?
Jane: Grace, personal question. Rigsby and I were wondering...who is this man you were kissing by the coffee cart?
Van Pelt: That's none of your business.
Jane: Not from payroll?
Van Pelt: Payroll? No, he doesn't even work here. It's none of your business.
(Van Pelt walks away)
Jane: Well, thank heavens for that at least. No killing needed?
Rigsby: Huh, don't be so sure.
Jane: You'll see. Honesty is best.
Rigsby: Well, honestly, I would like to kick your butt right now.
Jane: I'll take you... But could you take me to my couch first, please? Thank you.
The Mentalist Quote:
Van Pelt: That was cruel. Why did you do that?
Jane: Oh, it's this blindness nuisance. Makes me mean. I'm sorry. But you two do need to talk.
Van Pelt: There's nothing to talk about.
Jane: You've a lot to talk about.
The Mentalist Quote:
Minelli: Is he all right?
Patrick: Oh, I'm 100% okay. No need to send me back.
Teresa: Sir, he needs to be in the hospital. He has to go if you order him to.
Minelli: I could, but someone did try to kill him, remember? We can protect him better here. At less expense.
Patrick: Thanks, Virgil.
Virgil Minelli: Okay. But this is a favour. If you die in this department, I am responsible. I do all the paperwork. (To Teresa) In fact, if he does die for whatever reason, move him to a public area, would you? I'd be very grateful.
Jane: I hope he's smiling.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: Are you Terrance Andrews?
Terrance: What do you guys want?
Teresa: Do people call you Terry or Terrance?
Terrance: (coldly) They call me Mr. Andrews.
Teresa: Someone killed James Medina today. Thoughts?
Terrance: Yeah, I'd like to buy the guy who did it a nice bottle of French Brandy.
Rigsby: Flat-out hated him, huh?
Terrance: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Do you think I had something to do with it?
Rigsby: Yeah, it crossed our minds.
Teresa: Why don't you come down town with us and answer a few questions.
Terrance: No, I don't think so. You know why? Because I didn't do it!
Rigsby: Come on, man, let's go. (He takes Terrance's arm and Terrance shoves him out into the street.)
Terrance: Get off! (to Teresa) You want some too?
Teresa: (calmly) No thank you. (She pulls out a taser and tasers him. He falls to the ground, writhing in pain. She steps over him.) You okay, Mr. Andrews?
The Mentalist Quote:
Patrick: The text read 'Are you smart enough to find it?' I think this was directed at me.
Teresa: Course you think this is about you. Just relax. It could be a hoax.
Patrick: It could be.
Minelli: Where is the bomb squad?
Teresa: They're on their way now. PD did an initial sweep of the building. So far they haven't found anything.
Patrick: (muttering to himself) Are you smart enough to find it?
Minelli: Okay, listen. If this really is about Jane, I don't want him to- (Patrick walks away.) Hey!
Teresa: Jane! Jane, stop right there. (She takes off after him, annoyed.)
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: How many times do I have to tell you to stop interrupting interviews like that?
Patrick: Oh, I'm sorry...oops. Just a minute...
Teresa: What are you doing?
Patrick: How will I know if I can see or not if I have bandages on? (He takes them off and blinks.) Ow. Here goes.
Teresa: Well?
Patrick: Black as night.
Teresa: I'm sorry.
Patrick: Never mind. Andrews didn't do it.
Teresa: And did you sense that with your superpowers?
Patrick: Yes, I did. He's filled with anger, but not fearful, guilty, murderous anger. That has a tang of ammonia about it. His is more clean, righteous anger. Lemony.
Teresa: (dubiously) Lemony.
Patrick: This blind thing really works. Without my vision I can tune into my other senses much more clearly.
Teresa: That's great. Let me go make you a superhero costume. What do you want to be called? (Patrick puts his hand on her shoulder and moves his hand up to her neck, then her face.) What are you doing?
Patrick: I want to know what your face feels like when you're smiling.
(Teresa looks amused as he uses his fingers to pull her lips into a smile. Rigsby approaches.)
Rigsby: So, what's the deal boss?
(Teresa looks at him, blushing slightly at the sight of having Patrick still holding her chin in a pose that could be interpreted as romance.)
Teresa: Have forensics check him for any explosives residue. If he comes up clean, let him go.
Rigsby: (still looking at them in a funny way) Will do.
Patrick: I'm still convinced that there's a connection between Medina and me, so before you make me that superhero costume I'm looking forward to, could you take me to visit with his widow?
Teresa: Maybe.
Patrick: Thank you. And incidentally, you're smelling particularly good today. (Teresa turns and starts to walk very quietly away.) Is that cinnamon in the mix there somewhere? (She disappears into her office.) Lisbon? (He reaches out and paws the air.)
The Mentalist Quote:
Cho: How do you stalk a chicken?
The Mentalist Quote:
Van Pelt: No offence, but why is my personal life of any concern to you? Or Rigsby for that matter?
Jane: Well, me? I'm just nosy. But, Rigsby? He loves you.
(They're both quiet for a moment)
Jane: He is just scared of emotional commitment. And you are attracted to him, but you're deeply repressed and emotionally shut down.
Van Pelt: Oh, is that right?
Jane: Because of a trauma in your past that you've never spoken of to anyone, ever. Even yourself.
(Van Pelt remains quiet, visibly shaken)
Jane: Sorry. I was just thinking out loud.
Van Pelt: What? I wasn't listening.
The Mentalist Quote:
Lisbon: How long will his vision be affected?
Doctor: That's hard to say, really. The body's healing powers are unpredictable. But, 48 to 72 hours is a norm. We must wait and see, so to speak.
Jane: Ha! Humor. Great. Everybody loves a witty doctor in times of trouble.
The Mentalist Quote:
(Dan is holding up Patrick and Grace with a gun, about to shoot. There's a gun shot and Dan drops to the ground, dead. Teresa is shown, her gun raised and smoking. She rushes towards them.)
Grace: Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God!
Patrick: What? What happened? Did something good happen?
Teresa: Didn't I say no excitement of any kind?
The Mentalist Quote:
Grace: Hey. Aren't you supposed to be at the hospital?
Patrick: Nope.
Grace: Yes you are.
Patrick: Nah, they'd had enough of me. Can't say I blame them. Officer Powell here was kind enough to give me a ride back.
Grace: Thank you. I guess.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: Sense of his being? What are you playing at?
Patrick: Just go with it. I have to practice this touchy feely stuff. It's been a while.
Teresa: (puts her hand on his arm) You're not going to be blind forever.
Patrick: No, right, because bad stuff like this doesn't happen nearly as often as people think it does. (She guides him out of the room.)
The Mentalist Quote:
Grace: She paid you and was hurt so badly she's still holding a grudge.
Patrick: Well, probably.
Rigsby: The man's blind. Go easy, maybe?
Grace: Sorry.
Patrick: No, it's okay. You're fine.
Teresa: Did you keep a record of all your customers or clients or whatever you called them?
Patrick: Yeah, had to. I had to keep track of all the lies I'd already told them.
Teresa: Well, where are they?
Patrick: Uh, probably on a disk in the boxes over there, I expect. (He waves his stick near Teresa's head and she ducks out of the way.)
Teresa: Van Pelt, why don't you help Jane find his records.
Patrick: But first, could someone please make me a cup of tea? (Grace, Teresa and Cho immediately run away, leaving Rigsby with Patrick.) Is that a yes? (Patrick sniffs the air a couple of times.) Rigsby. (Rigsby looks gloomy. He makes the tea and then watches nervously as Patrick takes a sip.) Thank you. Did you put the milk in...
Rigsby: Put the milk in first. Yep, just like you asked.
Patrick: You're sure the water boiled...
Rigsby: Was truly boiling, yeah.
Patrick: (taking another sip) Tastes weird. (Pushes the tea away.)
Rigsby (gloomily): Weird.
The Mentalist Quote:
Teresa: You stay right there. Nobody take him anywhere. No excitement whatsoever. Clear?
Grace & Rigsby: Clear, boss.
Patrick: Crystal.
The Mentalist Quote:
Dan: Do we have a problem?
Rigsby: No, no problem. It takes all sorts. Even lawyers.
The Mentalist Quote:
Dan: I didn't know you were from Iowa. Famous potatoes, huh?
Grace: That's Idaho, you ignorant jerk.
Dan: Oh, yeah? What's Iowa famous for?
Patrick: Gullible women. (Dan laughs.)
Grace: That's not fair.
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:
The Mentalist Quote:

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