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(Episode 2 of the Red Past series)

"Hey Chris, glad to hear you're better," Van Pelt said walking into the office.

Chris was sitting next to Jane on the couch, half asleep half awake. "Hey," She yawned.

"A bit tired?" Rigsby asked.

"Been awhile since I woke up this early," She told them.

"So, have you found out what's going to happen to you yet?" Van Pelt asked her.

"Not a clue, should know by the end of the day," She said closing her eyes slightly.

"Hey guys we got a case," Lisbon said sticking her head in.

"Can I come?" Chris asked.

"Uh, no," Jane said standing up.

"Aww come on why not?" She whined.

"You're here to be protected, going out would compremise that goal," Lisbon explained. "Van Pelt you stay here and make sure she doesn't go anywhere, we don't need another Jane on our hands."

"Yes boss," She said looking dissapointed.

"You know, sometimes words can hurt," Jane told Lisbon.

"Come on let's go," Lisbon said rolling her eyes.

"Name Susan Dillard, age 36, single. Only living relatvie is her brother George Dillard. He's on his way now," The forensics let them know when the team arrived.

"Thank you," Lisbon said as they filled in around the girl.

A young gilr with Black hair was lying on the floor. She had been hit repeatedly with a bust that lay inches from her body.

"Doesn't look like the killer was searchign for something," Rigsby said. "Must be a personal crime."

"Maybe an ex lover or something," Lisbon suggested kneeling down next to her. "What do you think Jane?" When there was no response she stood up and looked around. "Jane?" She called out when she noticed he was gone.

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