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Scene 1- Park Street
The CBI crew are coming back from Rigby’s birthday bash and they come across a girl (14-15) checking the pulse of a dead boy (10-12) with blood all over herself. She turns around and realises that they are there. She turns to run so Rigby and Cho go after her. Rigby dives on her, but she elbows him in the face to make his nose bleed and struggles away and she starts running again. The girl turns around to look at Cho aiding Rigby and she turns back Jane and Lisbon are there. As soon as the girl sees Jane she slows and her eyes widen. Lisbon throws her arms around the girl and throws her to the ground. She put the cuffs on her.
Scene 2- interview room
Grace is interviewing the girl. Grace asks her some questions and all she gets out of her is her name is Freya and she use to live in England. Then Jane comes in and tells Grace that he can take it from here. As soon as grace leaves the room Freya’s face blew a sigh of relief. Jane asks Freya how she ended up in America and she told him the story. She took a big breath and began speaking. “My folks won 3 tickets to California, and since I was the only child of our family still in England, they took me. We stayed in my older brothers squatting house, not very nice accommodation, but it was somewhere to sleep. I asked to go out with my brother and they said yes, but why would they say no right? We went to the beach with some of my brothers friends and...” she stuttered and paused for a couple of seconds, then continued. “That’s when I got a phone call from my mum’s mobile, I always record my parent’s phone calls so my dad could remember whether he called me or not, he had brain damage. Yeh so I answered the phone to hear this weird man laughing and although my dad sometimes went off the wall he had never called me liked that so I shook my brother awake on the beach and told him about this man laughing...” Lisbon entered the room. “What was the voice of this man like?” Freya completely broke down and crumbled. She curled up in the corner and started crying “I didn’t kill that boy OK? I didn’t!” her voice was croaked from the tears. Jane shushed Lisbon and told her to get out the room “Jane I will not leave you alone with this kid!” Jane shrugs and does his cheeky grin “fine” Lisbon finally gives and leaves the room. “Freya, she’s gone, it’s just you and me now. What happened next?” Jane offered his hand out to the girl, but it took about a minute for her to look around the room and take his hand for Jane to help her up then he tries to do his hypnotist thing with the shoulder, but she backs away before he touches her shoulder. “If I’m going to tell you I would like to do so by not being hypnotised.” Jane nods and they both sit down on opposite sides of the table. “So I told my brother and he gets real mad, so he storms off some girl that looks nothing like me and drives off with her. Then everyone else leaves with me left behind, so I crawl under a rock for the night.” Freya shuddered. “The next morning I wake up when it is still dark, so I decide to walk back to my brothers shack, It took till about 4pm then when was in the garden I normally get a welcome because the gate is so loud at shutting, but I couldn’t hear anything and the door was locked. so they must have gone out looking for me once they realised I was gone, but I guess they never got the chance…” Jane’s look became curious. “I waited till 9pm still nothing. So I tried to find the spare key but it was gone so then I tried to kick the door down but I just ended up spraining my ankle. I got a rock and smashed the front window and used the broom next to the door to knock the rest of the window out, then I climbed in and saw a red face on the wall and it was still wet…” Jane suddenly jumped in. “What did this face look like?” Freya shrugged her shoulders “I think I can remember, but I can only draw it.” Jane reached for a pen in his pocket while he turned the file on the table over and Freya drew the face of red john. Jane jumped out of his seat and Lisbon, Rigby, Cho and Grace came in, Freya backed away, into the corner. “What happened next Freya? How old were you?” Lisbon suddenly shouted. Freya’s eyes filled with water and shook her head with shock and started shivering. She spoke with fear “I saw my family, and that girl my brother dragged away, laid along the floor with cuts around their necks and their nails painted red with… blood. Then I got a text message from that from that man and it read ‘like my birthday present?’ Then he laughed. I put my mum’s number as Red John and texted back ‘why did you hurt my family and not me?’ and that’s it really, I cleared the bodies in a bonfire and emptied the house so all I have is my well mattress. I have had to steal and rob to make a living, not a nice life but better than being dead isn’t it Mr. Jane? That’s what you use to say on your T.V show until Red John got his revenge on your family” Jane answered with tears at the corners of his eyes “Yes it is what I use to say” then stormed out the room. Lisbon said to Rigby grace and Kang to keep her here. “I didn’t mean to hurt you Mr. I thought you were thugs, until I saw Mr. Jane, then I knew you were the C... err what was it?” Grace gave Freya a tissue to wipe the blood off her and tears. “C.B.I” Cho answered.
Scene 3 -Hall and Main office
“Jane wait! Jane stop!” Jane walks over to his sofa and lies down. “How does she know so much about you? Jane?” Jane’s cheeky smile returns. “I guess she’s a big Patrick Jane Fan!”Jane chuckles. Grace, Rigby and Cho come in with Freya “All the cells are full, boss” Cho says with sorrow in his voice. “Mr. Jane?” Freya says quietly but somehow everyone hears “They love each other right?” She point’s at Rigby and Grace, “and him” she eyes Cho “Mr. you went to juvi (juvenile) am I right? And you, Agent… Lisbon?” Lisbon nods “Until Mr. Jane got you one you’ve always wanted a pony, right?” Jane chuckles again “Mr. Jane people say that I’m a psycho, for seeing stuff that other people don’t see but you can do it to can’t you? That’s how you conned the world into thinking you were a physic am I right?Mr. Jane lifts his arm from his face and sits up. “Lisbon?” Jane’s cocky face comes on. “What Jane?” Lisbon’s bizarre expression tells Freya that Jane is about to ask Jane something really… bizarre. “Could you get some blankets and a change of clothes for Freya?” Just as Freya expected, Lisbon’s face was bright red and furious “Jane she is still a suspect in murder” “Lisbon come on you really think she killed that boy?” “It’s a possibility” Jane looked at Freya and laughed. 5 minute’s later Lisbon and Cho arrive with blankets. Jane lets Freya have half of the sofa--everyone is gob-smacked that Jane is letting someone sleep on HIS sofa--but Freya snuggles up into a ball and takes up a smaller amount . Jane takes up the other half feet hanging off the edge of the sofa. “Rigby look at her file. I want to see whether she would be able to kill someone.” Lisbon was obviously angry. When everyone had gone home/fallen asleep Freya’s eyes opened and she got up, folded the blankets and put them back on the sofa and began to make her way out of the office, she was just to the door when Jane opened his eyes to and said “Where do you think--?” She jumped and turned around “Yeh I need to meet up with a…” She stuttered but before she could finish Jane interrupted. “Red John.” Freya sighed “Yeh but don’t tell OK? I will be back by noon, and if I’m not well, goodbye” Jane stood up and started walking toward Freya. The floor creaked. “Mr. Jane what are you doing?!?” Freya yelled in a whisper. “Here’s our numbers just in case…” Freya sighed. “Thank you Mr. Jane” Freya walked away.
Scene 4 – Main office
Jane awakes to find he overslept, and Lisbon storms in and asks Jane, “Where is she?” Jane shrugs and says “who?” “Freya!” Jane does an oh expression. “Oh yeh, she went outside and said she’ll return by 12 noon.” Lisbon turns to Rigby what’s the time?”Rigby checks his watch 5minutes past 12 boss.” “See? Where is she?” Jane stands up and stretches “Lisbon its fine, I trust her.” “Oh you trust her, where is she then?” Lisbon looks around “because she sure isn’t here!” A phone rings, its Lisbon’s. She answers. “Agent Lisbon C.B.I here who is calling?” The voice is out of breath like its running” Put Mr. Jane on NOW!” Lisbon rips the phone away from her ear “OK, but w—Freya?!??” “Yes, now please past me ov…” a scream comes from the phone. Jane snatches the phone and puts it on speaker-and gives it back to Lisbon-. “Freya? Listen to me you need to tell me where you are, and who is after you.” “He is! He is! I’m at the river park near… HELP!!!” Then the line cuts dead. “Lisbon we have to help her, if he has got her…” “Jane I know c’mon we have to go, where did she say she was?” “A river park near…” Jane pauses. “The Halt! We have to go to the Halt now.” They get into the cars and drive off.
Scene 5 – The Halt
Jane gets out the car and runs down the bank, he sees blood and follows the trail and finds Freya’s phone. “Lisbon!” He yells, all four (Lisbon, Grace, Rigby and Cho) come rushing down the bank. They look at the phone to find a video the setting looks like a hut ‘“Say hello to your friends, Freya” a mysterious low voice which is obviously saying. “Mr. Jane whatever you do, DO NOT come after me I’ll be…” the camera is chucked onto the ground where you can just see Freya. Red john approaches her and Freya starts’ screaming then says “we’re waiting Jane.” Then the phone runs out of battery. “Lisbon we need to find her quick before he… he kills her.” Jane’s head lowers. “We know Jane, and judged on the light and setting of that video it looks like there is a hut somewhere near…” Lisbon is interrupted by Rigby, “Boss we found something!” Jane and Lisbon sprint over to the found something, and it is the hut that looked like the video that was filmed on the phone. We see the house is rigged with explosives and there set for 10 minutes and counting…
Scene 6- Halt hut
Cho knocks down the door and followed by Rigby, Grace, Lisbon and then Jane, they search the hut. Downstairs is clear so they quietly creep upstairs to see Red John’s face painted on every door except for one door all the marked doors are clear so Jane opens the unmarked door to see Red Johns face painted on the wall. So he takes a big breath and looks around the corner, Freya is bleeding heavily on the mattress on the floor, but is not dead. Jane shouts for Lisbon by then Freya is conscious, Lisbon say’s “Freya everything’s going to be OK” Lisbon looks at Jane who is frozen to the spot. Cho, Grace and Rigby enter and Grace flips up her cell and begins to call 911 when Freya speaks with blood frothing from her mouth. “No, don’t ring anyone, as soon as he hears sirens he’s going to blow this place to hell, you have to get out of here.” Freya’s eyes shut. “No Freya we’re not leaving you here c’mon.” Lisbon tries to pick up Freya but can’t Rigby goes to Freya and picks her up then they run down the stairs and find someone sitting on the sofa. Freya starts trembling and grips Rigby harder. She throws her head around his shoulder and starts crying. “Don’t cry dear, it’s all going to be over soon right Mr. Jane?” he chuckles. Freya turns around and makes Rigby put her down, she can barely walk but manages to grab the gun from Lisbon’s pocket and points it at Red John. “Freya put that gun down! You don’t know what you’re doing!” everyone but Jane, Red John and Freya takes a step back. “Get out now, run, and you can make it before it explodes, Mr. Jane you’ll get your wish, just run.” “But Fre-” Jane gets interrupted “RUN!” Lisbon and the rest run, leaving Freya and Red John in the room. When they get behind the trees and look back they hear two gunshots followed by the explosion several seconds after.
Scene 7-Halt woods
Everyone looks at the hut. “What’s that voice?” everyone looks at Jane with curiosity and Lisbon replies, “Jane there’s noth-” “Ssh! Can’t you hear that?” Jane turns back towards the hut and sees a slim figure in amongst the heat waves, it was Freya! Jane runs towards her but she collapses. He calls to everyone and Rigby is the first-apart from Jane that is- to get there. When Grace arrives she checks her pulse and turns her into the recovery position. “She’s shot, and she’s losing blood fast.”Grace say’s putting her hand on her forehead. “She’s also got several 3rd degree burns on her face, neck and hands.” Lisbon is on the phone to the emergency services when Freya’s eyes open. “I’m not goin’ hospital so put the phone down, please.” Lisbon’s mouth is left speechless as she hangs up. “But boss she’ll die without medical attention.” Grace says worriedly. “But I won’t, Grace you can patch me up please, if you read my file you would know why I can’t go to the hospital. Grace Nods.
Scene 8-Main office (2 weeks later)
“Mail for Mr. Jane?” “Over here” Jane raises 1 arm whilst lying down on the couch with his eyes closed. The mail man slides it into his raised hands, he sits up and opens the letter and reads it in his head, and it’s from Freya.(her voice is reading it)

Dear Mr. Jane and the rest of C.B.I,
Thank you for catching me on Mr. Rigby’s birthday, because if you hadn’t, Red John would still be alive. Well that is if he is dead. I have gone back to living in civilisation, but unfortunately not becoming rich or living in a proper home like you do! when I turn 16 (which is in two months)I am going to apply for the C.B.,I because of how brave and inspiring you all are. Please pass this around to Grace, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Cho and Agent Lisbon, then I would like you to keep the letter and if is still alive, And you catch him (which I know you will!) give him the letter to show that I am joining the C.B.I and I will have vengeance ( two weeks ago was just the beginning) I know it is not the right thing to do, I do not want you to get killed or get into trouble with Lisbon(I have a feeling she will be mad at you anytime soon!) best of luck with catching him, and all the other people out there. I would love to work with/meet up with you and the rest of ‘the gang’ soon so keep in touch I might be popping now and then for stealing things like money, but that’s life right? Guess I’ll see you all soon!
Freya ‘ (roll credits)

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