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Member since: Jun 20 2009, 6:30 PM EDT
Slogan: "The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon. But, to be sure, if he lived for fifty years and then died, what would become of me?"
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Country: USA

Location: Upstate NY

Birthday: Older than my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth

Astrological Sign: Aquarious

Occupation: Done it all but I'll never stop!

Hello, my name is Cheri
I love Scottish Terriers! I love Simon Baker!

The best word to describe me is: perfectionist

My hero(es): Rick, my husband.

If I could live anywhere, it would be: In a log cabin with lots of trees and a big fenced in yard so our dogs could run safely.

My dream job(s): Running a Scottish Terrier Rescue Ranch

Interests: Scottish Terriers, computer graphics, digital photograpy

Favorite actors:Simon Baker

Favorite actresses: Valerie Bertinelli, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon

Favorite movies: Wizard of Oz; Same Time Next Year, Summer Place and hopefully, some movies Simon Baker will be doing in the future if he is the STAR -- which he should be!

Favorite TV shows: The Mentalist, Cold Case, NCIS, House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives, The Closer, Royal Pains

Favorite music: anything on my playlist; but my favorite was the British Invasion band The Searchers

What else you should know about me:I work part-time, petsit and take care of our canine children, love to research online. Last but not least, computer graphics from our digital photographs!

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I joined this wiki because
: I wanted to chat with other people about Simon Baker.

The first episode of The Mentalist I watched: The first episode.

What I like about The Mentalist: Simon Baker and his Smile

Favorite The Mentalist Character(s): Patrick Jane

Favorite The Mentalist Cast Member(s): Simon Baker

Favorite The Mentalist Couple(s):

Favorite The Mentalist Season(s): First one and probably every one unless Simon Baker quits the show!

Favorite The Mentalist Episode(s): All of them

Favorite The Mentalist Quote(s): And I'm going to look for the couch -- ah -- there it is!


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